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15 Gallon Water Storage Tank

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We picked this 15-gallon capacity survival water storage tank for two reasons. First, the cost is reasonable because it doesn’t trigger oversize shipping charges. Second it is the ideal blend ofgood capacity with excellent portability. Each heavy duty barrel is made of thick, light blocking, BPA-free, food grade plastic.. 
Package Information 
15-gallon Water Capacity (water not included)
Portable, Heavy-duty
BPA Free Food Grade Plastic
Easy to Use

It’s crucial to store least a few days (if not a few weeks) of water supply in case of a survival preparedness situation. For longer term survival situations, stored water can get you by until you can find a long term supply of fresh water. The blend of cost, capacity and portability make these 15-gallon water storage tanks the perfect choice for your survival preparedness water supply. 55-gallon barrels by contrast are insanely expensive to ship and once full, they have to stay put.

15 Gallon Water Storage Bucket Features - 

  • 27 inches tall, 15 inches in diameter
  • Capacity: 15 Gallons (water not included)
  • BPA Free, Heavy Duty, Food Grade Plastic
  • Dark blue – light blocking to inhibit bacterial growth
  • Filled weight: about 125 lbs
  • Two spouts with rubber gasket seals (pour & vent)
  • Heavy duty carry handle
  • Reusable and portable

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