Aquamira - Frontier Max UQC Splice Kit 5/16" - 67024

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The Frontier Universal Quick Connect (UQC) kit makes connecting your filter to hydration equipment a snap. Simply insert the Frontier UQC into your hydration system's quick adapter or hydration hose to make connecting your Frontier Pro or Frontier Max a breeze. The two button design prevents accidental disconnects and heavy-duty gaskets ensure no leaks. Available in 5/16" size the Frontier UQC fits most tubes and hydration packs including CamelBak and Platypus.


- Universal Quick Connect (UQC) adapter for hydration packs
- Quickly attach the Frontier Pro or Frontier Max water filter to hydration packs
- Available in 5/16" size to fit most hydration packs including CamelBak and Platypus
- Two-button design prevents accidental disconnects
- Heavy-duty gaskets prevent leaks

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