Two Person Bug Out Bags

Two person bug out bags are designed for two people who are bugging out together. These bags only duplicate the items needed to support two people instead of duplicating every item. This saves you money, weight and space left over in your pack for customizing.

Ultimate Bug Out Bags are now in their 11th 12th generation, that's eleven twelve years of tweaking and upgrading our professional-grade survival systems. Our bug out bags are designed by Survivalists and for Survivalists, and are built at our Survivalist Ranch and tested on the Appalachian Trail in the North Georgia Mountains. Not to blow our own horn but, we ARE the bug out experts. We have been America's best built, best selling and best backed bug out bags since 2008!

Ultimate Bug Out Bag's proprietary survival gear and systems are NTOA approved as well as FEMA and NATO compliant. You can find them in service in all branches of the US Military as well as the Department of Homeland Security.

Ultimate Bug Out Bags are built from the ground up, from quality tested brand-name items, with the operator in mind. This is why they are the renowned favorite packs for police and special forces operators across America.

All of our Bug-Out Bag Systems are built with double and triple redundancy on "mission critical" items like water, fire and shelter. All bug out bags arrive 100% pre-packed and ready to bug out right out of the box. (You may need to attach external pouches and sleeping gear that are pre-packed but unattached for shipping)

Our Bug Out Bags Are:

  • Backed with a 100% money-back guarantee, including shipping.
  • Come with full manufacturer's warranties. (We are Authorized Dealers for all items.)
  • Come Professionally Packed and Ready to Bug Out (MOLLE pouches may need to be attached)
  • Include all packing and instructions, packed separately for your reference.
  • Really ARE America's Best selling, best built and best backed bug out bags. It's not just a slogan.

Ultimate System Bug Out Bags are designed and packed to order in Ellijay Georgia, located at the mouth of the Appalachian Trail in the North Georgia Mountains.

Quick Start Guide

Easy Bug Out Bags Selection

  • Step One: Choose a Backpack Class
  • Step Two: Choose a Gear Level
How It Works
Packs & Gear Choose a Pack Setup

VISM - Compact Tactical Pack

  • 1000 Cubic Inches
  • Durable PVC construction
  • Heavy Duty zippers
  • Heavy Duty carry straps on the top of the back pack
  • Adjustable Compression straps
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps with metal D-rings
  • Adjustable Sternum and Waist straps, quick snap buckles
  • Key chain snap-hook

Bug Out Bags From $169 - See These Bags

VISM Tactical Pack Setup

Condor Outdoors - Convoy Outdoor Pack

  • 1330 Cubic Inches
  • Main Compartment contains a padded sleeve for tablets or 13"/15" laptop and two mesh pockets
  • Top Front compartment contains an organizer.
  • Bottom Front compartment contains mesh pockets for additional utilities/peripherals.
  • Two side pockets compartments are perfect for 16fl oz water bottles or any quick access gadgets
  •  Heavyweight webbing for modular attachments. 
  • Padded mesh backing for reinforcement and airflow.
  • Detachable waist belt
  • Sternum strap
  • Side compression straps
  • Grommets on all compartments
  • Hydration compatible

Bug Out Bags From $189 - See These Bags

Condor Convoy Outdoor Pack

Condor Outdoors - 125 3 Day Assault Pack

  • 3030 Cubic Inches
  • Extremely durable 1,000-Denier Construction
  • Large load cargo capacity compartment with separate pocket to fit up to two 3L hydration bladders.
  • Body contour shoulder straps with D-Ring for equipment attachment, sternum strap and waist belt.
  • External side compression straps.
  • Heavy-Duty carry and drag handle.
  • Two double zipper pulls on the main compartment for easy access.
  • Individual foam pad back panel for extra comfort and maximum airflow.
  • Grommets on all compartments for drainage.

Bug Out Bags From $219 - See These Bags

Condor 125 3 Day Assault Pack

5.11 Tactical - Covrt 18 Pack

  • 1800 Cubic Inches
  • Durable, water-resistant 500D nylon
  • Reinforced grab handle
  • Quick Tact accessory straps
  • Sunglass pocket
  • Flip-down ID panel
  • Padded internal laptop sleeve
  • 19” H x 12.25” L x 6.5” D main compartment
  • 11.5” x 9.5” x 3” front compartment
  • 19” x 12.25” 1.5 liter hydration pocket
  • 1841 cubic inch / 30 liter total capacity
  • Comfortable compression straps
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Yoke-style shoulder straps
  • YKK® zippers
  • Duraflex® hardware

Bug Out Bags From $249 - See These Bags

5.11 Tactical Covrt 18 Pack

5.11 Tactical - Rush 72 Pack

  • 3440 Cubic Inches
  • Built from high strength, water-repellent 1050D nylon (MultiCam®: 1000D nylon)
  • Admin organization pocket to store maps, pens, and documents
  • Fleece-lined sunglass pocket
  • Internal hydration compartment with hangers and toggles
  • Cinching waist strap and dual compression straps
  • Adjustable dual density closed-cell foam shoulder straps
  • 23” H x 13.5” L x 8.5” D main compartment
  • 15.5” x 11.5” x 2” front pocket
  • 16.5” x 6” x 1.75” left and right side pockets
  • 21” x 13.5” hydration pocket
  • 3342 cubic inch / 55 liter total capacity
  • Contour yoke system with grab and go handle
  • Rugged, self-healing YKK® zipper hardware
  • Integrated drainage grommet

Bug Out Bags From $299 - See These Bags

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Pack

Eberleystock - V69 Destroyer

  • 4200 cubic inches
  • upper and lower main chambers with front-door opening panels
  • large expandable sleeve in the top-loading section
  • weapon/misc equipment tie downs
  • MOLLE panels
  • large mesh side bags
  • multiple external compression straps
  • Includes a fitted rain cover that pulls out of a bottom pocket.
  • Weight 8lbs, Capacity 60 Liters or 4200 cubic inches
  • Includes a fitted rain cover that pulls out of a bottom pocket. 

Bug Out Bags From $449 - See These Bags

Eberleystock V69 Destroyer

Gear Level Comparison Chart
WATER & RATIONS Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Prolite Unlimited
GI Canteen w/ Alice Clamps & Cover
Water Bottle & Lid
2.5 Liter Hydration System    
Geigerrig 2 liter Hydration Engine        
LifeStraw 264 Gallons        
Sawyer - 100,000g Water Filter    
Aquamira Red-line In-line Filter        
SOS - 12ct Purified Drinking Water (1.5L)
SOS - Emergency Rations 3600 Kcal
SOS - New Millennium Energy Bars    
Mountain House ProPak Food Storage    
Legacy Food Storage Bucket          
Drinking Water Tablets 50ct    
Tools & Blades Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Prolite Unlimited
Multifunctional Swiss Styled knife
Hand Held Wire saw
MORAKNIV 511 Fixed Blade Orange      
Schrade 5" Frontier Survival Knife    
Schrade Outback Machete      
Schrade Full Tang Axe      
SOG Knives Entrenching Tool    
Whet Rock Sharpening Stone      
Lights & Energy Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Prolite Unlimited
6 in 1 tool Pen flashlight
Emergency Candles
Gerber Iris Flashlight      
Rothco 9 Bulb Headlamp      
UST Spright Lantern  
Hand Crank Flashlight (never needs batteries)    
Fenix 130 Lumen E12 Flashlight        
Fenix 200 Lumen HL15 Headlamp        
Fenix UC30 960 Lumen USB flashlight      
Fenix HL-26 USB Rech. 450 lumen Headlamp      
SunJack 5W Folding Solar Panel      
SunJack 10000mAh Battery      
Rain & Shelter Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Prolite Unlimited
Nylon Sleeping Bag Straps    
Emergency Sleeping Bag      
SOL Regular Waterproof Bivvy        
SnugPak +19° Mummy Bag      
Emergency Two Person Tube Tent      
Tex Sport Tarp, Camouflage 6' x 8'    
42-Gallon Contractor Trash Bag
PahaQue All Weather Shelter      
Snugpak Ionosphere 1P Bivvy Shelter        
Adult Size Poncho OD    
Adult All-Weather Rain Suit      
Emergency Hypothermia Blanket
GI Wool Survival Blanket        
Leather Palm Work Gloves    
Warm GI Duty Gloves      
Hand Warmers
Body Warmers    
UST 5 Liter Dry Bag      
First Aid & Hygiene Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Prolite Unlimited
One Person Travel First Aid Kit      
EFA White-Series 8 Person First Aid Kit        
FA-181 MOLLE Platoon Trauma Kit      
NIOSH N95 Respirator Mask
Deluxe Hygiene Kit    
Mosquito Head-Net No See-Um      
Ben's Bug Spray      
Flat Packed Toilet Paper      
UST MicroFiber Towel        
Foot Care Kit        
Loperamide 2 mg. 200 ct.        
QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge        
Potassium Iodide (IOSAT)        
Surgical kit        
Survival Kit Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Prolite Unlimited
Compact Multi-Piece Survival Kit
6 in 1 Tool
Snare Wire
Signal mirror
Pop-up towels
Sewing kit
Matches, wind & waterproof
Fishing kit
Light Duty Plastic ties
8'' Heavy Duty Cable Ties
Zip dry-bag
Aluminium Cup
Full Size Bic Lighter
Flat-Packed Duct Tape
7 Strand 550 lb Parachute Cord 50'
Pack Stove & Fuel Tablets
Download 50+ Survival Manuals
Magnesium Fire Starter    
UST WetFire Tinder    
Field Sewing Kit      
Tex Sport Compass, Marching - Metal      
Aluminum Mess Kit      
Chow Kit (Utensils)      
Pack Grill        
Scouter Black Ice Cook Set        
Foraging Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Prolite Unlimited
Salt Water Fishing Kit        
PowerBait Dough Bait        
150' Floating Trotline        
Buckshot Snare Kit (9 snares)        
Buckshot Trapping DVD        
** Use the "Add to Compare" Button on Each Bag for Side by Side Comparisons

Should I Buy or Build My Bug Out Bag?

Build or Buy a Bug Out Bag?

We sell the bags/packs and all of the contents (Corekits) for the do-it-yourself assembler as well as pre-built bug out bags, they are our most popular items. It’s your choice which way to go. However, the fact is, we can sell complete bug out bags cheaper than you can build one, yes even at Walmart and Amazon. We buy quality items in bulk and if you add up the price of all the items that are contained in our bags, you're saving around 20%.

What's the worst part of building a bugout bag?

Besides the cost, it has to be the amount of time you have to spend researching items that you need to include and then the quality of those items.

Think About it.

Step One, I need a Bugout Bag, you know, just in case.

Step Two: What the Hell do I put into it? This step involves you Googling "bug out bag list" and weeding through the hundreds of items that each list claims that you must have.

Step Three: Information Overload. What's the best knife for the money? Which backpacks hold up the longest? Water filters, virus vs bacteria? Do I need a tent, sleeping bags ... Or, you could just follow the recommendations from the websites that have the "bug out bag lists", but you know in the back of your mind that they are getting paid big-bucks for pimping out the items that they recommend. So, are these REALLY the best items, could I save money by buying another brand?

Step Four: Realization. Okay, this is going to be a bigger job than I thought, let's look at pre-made bugout bags. This usually leads you to Amazon or Ebay, where you will find $300 kits that are full of Chinamatic crap packed in China, or $2500 kits that some dude is building in his garage.

Step Five: (You're on this step) Find America's best selling, best backed and best made bugout bags. Period. We have been building bug out bags since 2008. We know which items which you don't need to overspend, and which items you need to invest a little more in. We really do build America's best bug out bags, it's not just a slogan.


How I Built My First Bug Out Bag (Does this Sound Familiar?)

Before I worked for Survivalist 101, I was in the Army. I'm not a special-ops guy or anything, in fact I was just a medic. However, being in the armed services gave me enough knowledge and confidence to build my own bug out bag.

The first thing I did is buy a good backpack. This part I got right. Then I set off around the house gathering the gear I thought I might need should I need to bug out. Why should I buy stuff when I have stuff just as good around the house, right?

Soon, I had stuff from the "junk drawer," the shed, the garage, my tool box, my wife's sewing kit and a half a dozen other places around the house. For the most part, I had the beginning of a great bug out bag. Of course there were some items that I needed to pick up the next time I went to Ace, Walmart, Bass Pro, CVS and the Army Navy store. But, I was well on my way to my own personal ultimate bug out bag.

As time went by, I did pick up a few extra items, but not nearly all of the items I had planned to get. Throughout the year, I realized that most of the items I had scavenged from around the house slowly made their way back to the places I robbed them from; as it turned out, we actually used those items.

So time and time again, I found myself, and my family (who never puts things back where they got them) trotting back to my bug out bag getting those items to use for day to day tasks like mowing the lawn, hanging pictures and a whole host of other odd-jobs around the house.

Soon, I really had no idea what items were still in my bob and which items never made it back into the bag. Not to mention I still had a list of items I was still meaning to buy. Then I realized, I have gone an entire year unprepared to bug out. Had I needed to bug out in a hurry, as if there is any other way, I would not be ready, AND running around the house in a time of emergency trying to remember where everything is.

Then I thought to myself: "wouldn't it be nice to just have everything I need in one place, pre planned, brand new and ready to go?" Even if I have to duplicate some items that I already have around the house, how much is that peace of mind worth? One bag that will never be robbed of tools or filled with older tools that are questionable in durability.

That's how Ultimate Bug Out Bags were born. Since then we have endeavored to do one thing and one thing only, build the ultimate bug out bags. We are on our eleventh twelfth generation ... that's eleven TWELVE design changes, each time tweaking the bags for greater efficiency and widening the aspect of the uses for each item is used. We have gotten a lot of things right over the years, and weeded out the mistakes.

Buying a Bug Out Bag: Technically

A bug out bag, BOB, go-bag or whatever you call it has one major purpose – contain everything you need to survive in the terrain it is designed to be used in. In other words, a bug out bag could save your life, but to do that you have to build a bug out bag with the right gear, with the right quality, in the right combination of weight and usability.

That means a good BOB is not as simple as throwing tools from the garage in an old backpack you don't use any longer. BOB's contain dozens of individual items, each one of which should serve a relevant, prioritized survival purpose. These items must be good enough to do the job under difficult and stressful conditions, and if properly planned, to be re purposed for other tasks.

We are on our 11th 12th generation of bug out bags. We have weeded out quite a few bad products over the years, and found quite a few that over-perform their duty that cost less than other items that people usually purchase for bug out bags.

The truth is, building a kick-ass bug out bag takes time and requires some experience, and is basically an exercise in judgment. Each product really needs to be scrutinized for relevance, durability, weight-size, and usability. Which means, adapting the list of items you're working from for the most likely circumstances (such as climate and terrain) and prioritizing the contents for selection. Again, these are judgment calls, which are best when based on experience.

Buying a Bug Out Bag: Financially

On the contrary, some of our best customers are people who are confident and experienced enough to build a bug out bag as opposed to buying one. Their argument in buying a bag from us is simple: that it’s less expensive to buy our Ultimate Systems than it is to build your own bug out bag.

That's because it really is, and if you factor in your own time it's exponentially cheaper. On the other hand, if building a BOB is partly a hobby, and you don’t mind spending hours scrounging through hardware stores, shopping online, and doing a lot of research – then your own time isn’t part of the price, and you should build a bug out bag from scratch.

Just recognise, building a good bug out bag may surprise you with how much time and money it really takes, especially if you're not that familiar with the gear and its use. Like I said earlier, we sell the gear and the BOBs, so we don’t want to look like we’re stacking the deck in favor of buying pre-built bug out bags as opposed to someone who wants to build a bug out bag, but there are some very practical points in favor of that approach:

  • Buying your items one or two at a time (online) probably requires extra shipping costs.
  • As for shipping costs, running around in your own vehicle to get BOB items isn’t free.
  • Retailers of BOBs, such as Survivalist 101, buy items in volume for discounts, don’t assume their cost in a pre-built bag is way above what you’d pay yourself.
  • Items in a pre-built bag are tested, guaranteed, and ready to go.
  • Ready to go is the key phrase, a pre-built bag isn’t missing some pieces just when an emergency strikes.
  • Pre-built bug out bags may not have everything, personal taste and situations apply. You can always get specialized kits or plug ins (for example medical supplies) to compliment what’s already in the bag.

The big kicker in favor of buying a pre-built bag instead of taking the time to build a bug out bag remains in the planning by experts. If you buy from a retailer that specializes in survival gear, and more to the point, highlights that people who make the selection of what goes into a BOB are knowledgeable about the gear and actually use it; you can be reasonably sure that what you’re paying for is relevant, durable, the right weight-size combination, and usable.

Especially for your first bug out bag, it’s both practical and helpful to start with one that already has “the right stuff.” It’s a platform you can learn from and build upon. We always recommend that you field test your BOB, get to know it and the process of traveling with your life on your back.

As you gain experience, you’re in a better position to assemble some of your own gear. People who spend a lot of time hiking and camping have a saying (or something like it), “Any happy-go-lucky Joe can have great camping on sunny days. It takes a ready-for-anything Ronny to be comfortable when the weather turns bad.”

This applies, in spades, to survival gear because conditions are almost inevitably going to be bad. Survival situations are inherently more serious than any recreational situation. That means bug out bags and their contents need to be seriously selected for those conditions. That’s what distinguishes buying pre-built bug out bags built by experienced people.

Why Quality Counts

If the bug out bag or survival kit you are considering (no matter how cool it looks) does not list the brand names used inside the kit; you are buying a kit that is pre-assembled in China with the absolute cheapest materials available.

Cheap Survival KitSurvival kits and bug out bags have one purpose; to keep you alive during the most horrible circumstances life has thrown at you. During these trying circumstances, do you want to be forced to rely on a cheap survival kit that is built with single use items?

My name is Samson, one of the owners of Survivalist 101. Having trained with many survivalists, I have never heard another person in the field say; "I wish I had bought the cheaper knife." Or, "I wish I could have saved a few bucks by getting the cheaper backpack." Never. In fact, they ALWAYS say exactly the opposite.

When dealing with a life threatening situation and the items in your bug out bag or survival kit fail, or you have to worry about them failing if you use them to strenuously, what good is the kit? If you're going to spend the time and money to buy a life saving kit; why would you want to gamble on the quality?

If you visit our survival kit section (not our bug out bag section), you will see that we sell pre-packaged survival kits alongside of our Ultimate Survival Kits. They cost less than our in-house kits, primarily because our kits are built with higher quality name-brand items. These pre-packaged survival kits are easily spotted by their bright red generic backpack.

These survival kits, for the most part, are imported from China from the same company, then drop-shipped by us and our competitors. Neither the importer or retailer have any say or control over the quality of the items included in these kits. These kits use the least expensive items that the Chinese exporters who build these kits can find and the individual items are not warranted.

You might ask, "why do you guys sell these inferior kits." The truth? Most of our competitors sell these kits exclusively, and when people visit our website we need that price-point so our customers can see that we do have the best prices. And most of all, any survival kit is better than no survival kit. If our Ultimate Survival Kits are not in your budget, we want you to have some kind of survival kit. We truly want our customers to be prepared.

So, does that mean all items imported are bad items? No, however there's a huge difference in the way imported items are built, marketed and designed.

The simple truth is: more than 95% of the items in the outdoor gear industry are imported. We have tried several times, to build an "All American" bug out bag, and it simply cannot be done unless we leave out a lot of items that are needed in the kit, and charge twice as much for the bags.

So, faced with the fact that we would need to use imported items in our quality bug out bags, we set out to find the best items, from the best manufacturers. What we found in this process was pretty interesting. We discovered that there are basically two types of items that can be imported.

1. Cheap items that are made to look like more expensive items that come bundled in the cheap kits in the red bags that you see littered all over Amazon, Ebay and Walmart.

2. Items that are designed by American companies, that are built to their specs.

Brands, i.e. Coleman, SOG, Schrade have their engineers design their products here in the United States. and then contract with over-seas companies who build their products to those specifications. So basically, they're simply buying cheap labor.

Name brands that have their items built offshore are concerned with two things, cost and quality. If a brand has their items built too cheaply, they have warranty issues and poor consumer ratings. This is the kiss of death in the outdoor gear industry.

Cheap items, are manufacturers located in China, who knock-off brand name items by building their items to look like the better selling brands. Their only goal is to build an item cheap enough, that looks cool enough to compete with the brands they are ripping off. We are contacted DAILY by companies that rep these rip-off cheap china products. They never try to sell us on the product, only the fact that it looks as good as XYZ brand and costs half as much.

The simple reason why we do not sell our bug out bags on Amazon is because of our profit margins. Our average margin, net, net is around 15%. Amazon charges $40 - $100 dollars in referral fees for our bug out bags. So if you reason, as we have, how are the other people selling bug out bags on Amazon while paying fifty bucks to Amazon per bag? Easy, they're selling cheap crap.

So, once we decided to build quality products, instead of drop-shipping crappy products, we never looked back. It seemed logical to us to build relationships with the best brands in the industry and buy their gear in bulk, passing the savings on to our customers. This strategy has paid off for us big-time. We have been building and selling bug out bags for years and we have had less than 5 returned bug out bags since 2012.

By focusing on brand name items that are highly rated, we have eliminated the hit and miss quality issues that comes with buying items in bulk from an unknown Chinese company like so many of our competitors do. By being authorized dealers for all of the companies that we use, we are able to handle any warranty issues that may arise by exchanging those items and keeping our customers happy.

The bottom line is, we could sell a cheaper bug out bag by bulk ordering from offshore companies But we couldn't build a quality bag that we could stand behind. At the end of the day, our name is on the bag, and we're damn proud of the product we put out. We would much rather apologize for our price, than apologize for our quality, especially when your life depends on it.. This is why we sell America's Best Bug Out Bags, period.


2 Person Bug Out Bags

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