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Ultimate Guide To Self-reliant Living

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Being a homesteader today may seem difficult; the world is full of so many gadgets and conveniences, many of which most of us consider necessary to live a full and happy life. In this collection you'll see that going off the grid, adapting to your surroundings, and depending on yourself and your land is really not as challenging as one may think. With the information and tips you learn in this book, you'll easily find success as a modern-day homesteader.

The essays featured in this book were written by some of today's most respected outdoorsmen/women, nature enthusiasts, agricultural professionals, and successful homesteaders. Learn the best techniques and approaches concerning: Hunting, fishing, and trapping, Foraging, Growing and preparing your own food, Animal husbandry, Living off the grid, Building barns and outbuildings

Green living, Alternative energy, such as solar panels and windmills, Primitive survival skills, such as making fires and finding shelter


- Number of Pages: 800
- Size: 8" x 11"
- Type: Softcover

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