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The Little Brother pack is a handy, stand-alone 3 day pack that's sold as part of our J79 Skycrane II system, and made to compliment our J51 Warhammer packs. Similar in concept to our H1 Mini Me, the G1 features an expansion sleeve that allows you to insert any of our side scabbards. With our A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier installed, the pack functions much like our G3M Phantom (scabbards sold separately). The idea for this pack derives from our customers who wanted to carry large weapons with a minimalist pack. 

Features both top-loading and full-front panel loading. MOLLE/PALS webbing fills all useful spaces inside and out. Two hydration sleeves on interior back wall sized for our WXP3L 3-liter hydration. Radio rack on back wall for PRC-117 class military radios. 

The pack comes with a harness. You can add our HBSS Hipbelt if you want a supportive pack belt. 

We offer two frame systems to add structure to this otherwise un-structured pack: First, our innovative Endo pack frame slides into the pack's main load bay, adding both vertical and lateral structure without compromising comfort or the pack's quiet ride.

The Endo doesn't interfere with the pack's ability to carry a scabbard in the tunnel; but if you're not planning to carry a scabbard, then our Gossamer frame (AG2S Gossamer Short frame) fits into the scabbard tunnel when it's zipped closed. Either option provides a simple and effective way to convert the G1 into a compact, structured internal frame pack.

4 lb. 0 oz.
22-L 11-W 8-D
System Type:
Backpack Size Range:
  • 1400ci - 2000ci
Backpack Type:
  • No Frame
Cubic Inches / Liters:
Dimensions :
22L X 11W X 8D
Hydration Compatible:
  • 3 Liter
Weapon Compatibility :
  • Long Gun (MOLLE Only)

Brand Name

Brand Name:

Customer Reviews

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8 reviews

R. Stevens

11/05/2016, 09:01

Well made, very comfortable and versatile. I have the J34 Just One also and the same can be said for that model. Many nice accessories available for all Eberlestock packs.
Couldn't be happier.
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10/12/2016, 02:07

Got this to go along with the warhammer. Strong standalone pack, and a great addition to the warhammer. Quality construction and materials.
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09/20/2016, 03:08

Holds a perfect amount of gear for 3 day overnight w/ two added MOLLE bags & 3 liters of water.
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08/16/2016, 23:09

Great pack! I would recommend the frame and the hip belt though. the pass through zipper started to irritate my back near the end of the hike. Best pack I have ever owned, hands down.
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Joe S.

06/24/2016, 19:07

Very well thought out pack. A tad small for what I carry daily, but as long as I'm not planning on picking anything extra up and adding it to the pack, it carry's everything comfortably and allows me lots of customizable configurations.
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04/30/2016, 13:06

This is a great option for a 72-hr bag. I have two of these packs: one remains indentured with my Skycrane "backpacking" equipment, the other was bought separately so I don't have to constantly move gear back and forth for "go bag" purposes. I use Eberlestock 2-liter water bladders for these bags; they fit perfectly inside the interior sleeves, and haven't failed me, yet. I do recommend that you add Eberlestock's waist belt if you're hauling much more than a day's worth of gear/supplies- I also use their "Endo" frame accessory, as my pack can run a bit heavy once I've filled up with water...

The pack has Molle webbing everywhere, inside and out, and has thoughtful pouches/pockets in all the right places. Your hydration tube(s) have three resealable ports at the top of the bag for your placement preferences. The drop-leaf opening to the main compartment makes packing and locating your equipment a breeze, and also provides Molle webbing on both sides- adding serious customization options. Eberlestock thoughtfully provides integrated Velcro strap keepers to clean up stray/excess material, too- no need to buy those separately.

The shoulder harness and ventilated padding are superior to any other system I've used: all-day rucking comfort, even with a full load-out. Best of all: this pack stays put, once slung; bouldering, etc. won't cause any hot spots with this well-engineered harness system.

The Little Brother is perfectly sized for three day excursions, provided you've done your load-out homework and aren't packing for a nuclear winter. It's narrow design gives you plenty of back/shoulder space to mount additional pouches/gear to the pack's exterior- while still leaving room to carry a slung rifle. Of course, you also have the option to use the rifle scabbard sleeve, as well.

I'm a big fan of Eberlestock's products. They do cost more, but these packs are built to last... my knees will need replacing before I need to replace this pack. This seller was great on all counts, as well- and was quicker to ship than buying direct from Eberlestock. Be safe and keep your powder dry, my friends.
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04/04/2016, 16:03

Let me start things off by saying this bag is top quality. Everything from the material to the stitching to the zippers are top notch. This bag is the perfect size. It is big enough to carry pretty much anything you want but not to big as to call attention to yourself. The front and top loading compartments are a God sent and make packing and finding things in your bag a breeze. The internal pockets make staying organized a breeze. With the option of connection to the j51 and j71 makes this bag even more versatile as a grab and go at the camp site after dropping off all your other gear. I would recommend getting the Endo frame as it adds rigidity and stability. I love this bag because I use it for school, hiking, going to the beach, snowboarding, carrying my camera gear, and just my plain EDC. Best backpack I have ever owned. Since there are no real mention of dimensions for the bag they are external approximation 24L x 13W x 8D main internal approximation 22L x 10W x 6D
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01/14/2016, 02:06

This bag is great. First, the feel of the bag feels bombproof. With all of the Mollie attachments you can increase the volume of the bag from 1800cu to 2600cu.In liters, that would be from 29.5 liters to 37 liters or more. The height of the bag is about 24 inches. The width is about 13 inches, and the depth is about 7 inches. I would recommend that you get the Endo G frame.This aluminium frame goes inside the bag and stabilizes the frame. This bag is expensive, but you get what you pay for.
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