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Military Green Coyote/ Brown Dry Earth Multicam
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The F4M Terminator is an extremely versatile full-format load bearing pack.  Optimized for the scout/sniper mission, it has a unique articulating rear interior wall that allows a weapon to be carried near the wearer's back.  When not carrying a weapon, the wall is pressed against the frame to maximize conventional interior load space.

The F4M is laid out much like the G4M Operator, but instead of a built-in weapon carrier, the pack is a conventional pack with configurable load bay.  The weapons bay puts the weapon next to the wearer's body, and when used with the optional A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier, all man-portable sniper rifles can be carried.  The pack is also compatible with A1SS, A2SS, and A2LS Side Scabbards.

A trap door on the back of the main lid of the pack opens to allow the insertion of a scabbard or for the carriage of a weapon resting on the bottom of the pack without use of the scabbard.

A4SS Side Scabbard is a configurable weapon carrier, capable of being rigged to contain virtually any man-portable weapon.  It links to the F4M pack's main frame panel.

The F4M Terminator is an extremely versatile full-format load bearing pack. It is an excellent all-around rucksack, is easy to live out of, and is a great load hauler.  Featuring both front-loading and top-loading access, it has a number of zippered compartments to keep you organized.

It's optimized for the scout/sniper mission, with a unique articulating rear interior wall that allows a weapon carrier to be inserted and carried near the wearer's back. When not carrying a weapon, the wall is pressed against the frame to maximize conventional interior load space. 

Eberlestock side scabbards and weapons carriers can be attached inside the weapon sleeve, to tailor quick-access weapon carriage to match your gun.  A tailored rain cover is included and is stored in a zippered bottom pocket.  The LP1 Fanny-Top can be removed and serves as a pull-off go-bag. NSN# 8465-01-600-5068

Volume: Weight lbs: Dimensions:
4,100 c.i.  8 lbs 10 oz  23"h x 12"w x 10"d
Best Use / Type:
  • Tactical
  • Hunting
  • Covert
Backpack Features:
  • Gadget Compartment
  • Internal Frame
  • YKK zippers
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Dual Access to Main Compartment
  • MOLLE / PALS Webbing
  • Inside PALS Webbing
  • Detachable Fanny / Sling Pack
  • Scabbard Sleeve
4100 Cubic Inches
Accessory Pouches:
  • A1AA - Airwave Pouch
  • A1BC - Mini Pouch
  • A1DB - Micro Dry Bag
  • A1SP - Small Padded Pouch
  • A1ST - Small Stuff Sack
  • A2DB - 5-Liter Dry Bag
  • A2FK - IndiTAK Pouch
  • A2MP - MultiPack Accessory Pouch
  • A2SP - Large Padded Accessory Pouch
  • A2ST - Large Stuff Sack
  • A3SB - Saddle Bag
  • AN2P - 2 Liter Accessory Pouch
Tactical Accessories :
  • A1SR - Pack Mounted Shooting Rest
  • A1SS - Short Shotgun Side Scabbard
  • A2LS - Side Scabbard, Bolt Sniper Rifle
  • A2SM - Padded Magic Carpet Shooting Mat
  • A2SS - Side Scabbard, Scoped Rifle
  • A4SS - Tactical Weapon Carrier
  • ERM - Eberlestock - Sidewinder-AR Rifle Case
  • ESM - Eberlestock - Sidewinder-Rifle/Shotgun Case
  • JSTC - Scabbard Butt Cover - Regular
Dimensions :
27"h x 12"w x 9"d
Pack Weight:
8.10 (lbs./ounces)

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Typically Ships::
2 - 3 Business Days

Customer Reviews

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14 reviews

Skilled Lover

02/08/2017, 12:14

Excellent pack. I have 3 other Eberlestock packs and this matches their quality and utility.
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02/05/2017, 19:05

This was bought for my husband, he's using it for backpacking and hunting. Although this is much heavier than what we typically use for backpacking, the durability of it and the uses he gets out of it is incredible. We could carry my 6 year old in this bag! Not only is the product everything we had hoped but when we received it, there was an Eberlestock hydration bladder included with it that we hadn't ordered! (I actually had placed a separate order for 1 that we received later).
GREAT bag for heavy loads and diverse uses. Love it!
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Juan V.

01/04/2017, 12:08

Expensive but it worth it! Best bug out bag I've ever used! Totally recommended!
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12/15/2016, 03:02

I was looking for a new Pack to fill the role of a BOB and decided on this one. My previous BOB was a Camelbak BFM which is a really good bag but ended up being too small. First off the construction, fit and finish of this bag is superb, I haven't found one thing wrong with it. This is the first pack of this size I've owned so I'm still working on where I want to put everything and what I like about this bag is it gives you several options.

This is my first Eberlestock product I've purchased and you can tell they put alot of thought into this bag. I'm not going to stand on a soap box and proclaim it the perfect bag; because each have their own pros and cons. You'll have to decide if it's right for you and what you intend to use it for. If your looking for a "I'm never coming home" type bag you may want to consider the J79 with the modularity and expansion capabilities it has to offer. This Pack is the perfect size for me, the right amount of space to hold my gear and prevent me from adding more than I can physically or would want to carry for any extended period of time.

I can't give you a comparision of this pack vs Kifaru or Mystery Ranch (both excellent companies), but I will say that this pack is built like a tank with outstanding attention to detail. This thing isn't cheap, it's hard throwing down that amount of money without putting your hands on it first, but I really feel like I got my money's worth and more. Do your homework, decide what you want to carry, and then find the Pack that will. This pack is so comfortable, plus you can fine tune the harness to match your body. My pack feels like it was made for me. Also, I really like the Military Green color, it goes well with my area.
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11/24/2016, 13:24

Invest in your gear. I already own the Half Track and love it. You can never go wrong with Eberlestock. While in the military and out I have owned many bags. EBERLESTOCK IS THE BEST QUALITY I HAVE OWNED. It's heavy but you dont feel it.
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Lynn Leger

11/04/2016, 15:21

Sturdy and plenty of space for everything I can carry. Any bigger and It would be to much.
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10/14/2016, 23:03

This thing has been around Afghanistan with me for 4 months now and its taken a beating (no thanks to some load masters.....) but it still looks brand new! Has plenty of pockets (and wide set of sizes). as well as some molle webbing inside the bag! (nice feature) Great load-bearing system (though if you wear a full "kit", you'll have trouble getting the waist strap around your kit). Other than that, its a great product!
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Rene Munguia

08/13/2016, 12:00

Love this pack. It is a bit heavy. More of a bug out bag from my point of view. Excellent material and workmanship. The only problem I have with it is It may be fake or just a different design. The flap that separates the middle of the bag is a pull string not a zippered like every video is showing
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Tyler Walker

06/23/2016, 15:15

almost to tall for it wears great fill great to wear options for days and enough pockets to loose items
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Daniel Jensen

06/17/2016, 13:07

Excellent pack!
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Joshua pierce

06/16/2016, 14:16

Rating this 4 stars only because the bottom does not fit my sleeping bag.
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05/08/2016, 14:12

I want to rate this a 4.5 but I will round up instead of down.

The pack has great pockets and are nice and deep. I have room for everything that take to the field and then some. Right now I'm and using it for flights in and around my deployment. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

The reason why I wanted to take part of a star off is due to the advertising. If you watch their video, they hold up this pack and the operator and say the only differences is the scaber for a sniper rifle. The operater does not have the follow: a detachable Fannypack Top of the top of the pack, grab handles on the sides of the pack, as well as the pockets on the backside are only on the terminator not the operator.

With all of that in mind I will still be getting another one but a different version.
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Dan L.

02/04/2016, 12:00

I recently purchased this one after doing a lot of research for a pack that was both military compliant and durable. You just won't find this kind of quality at Ranger Joes, the PX or your typical off-base tactical store. Yes, it's expensive but so far I'm very pleased with it. It carries a lot of weight securely (60 lbs easily) and comfortably, largely because of the solid compression straps coupled with VERY thick waist/lumbar pads.

I would've liked the waist strap to be a little thicker but that's just a minor complaint. Also, the adjustable frame extension for the frame height could've been made to fit someone taller. I'm 5'11 with a long waist and I really couldn't make it extend any further. If you're taller with a long waist, that could possibly become an issue for you.

After six months, I'm still very pleased with the pack. While I originally purchased it for military purposes, I now use it for all of my backpacking. I will say that it's heavier than a traditional backpack but I definitely prefer it over my collection of North Face and Osprey packs. I've also washed it two or three times with Nikwax Tech Wash and didn't notice any color fade which was a concern of mine. I'm gonna use the hell out of it over the next year and write another review on here.
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John with OCD

01/13/2016, 03:27

This is a high end pack for professionals or crazy people like me. There was a lot of thought and pride that went into this pack. I feel like I overpaid a little but at the same time got a great deal. I own some 511 and maxpedition bags and I will say yes this pack is a step up. This bag is meant to carry a lot of serious heavy gear for a long time. I wanted to carry more stuff in the pack than a rifle which is why I chose this over the g4 operator. It is really easy to put a collapsible rifle inside the pack if you don't want to carry it on a sling.If you wanted to you can buy a scabbard for a long rifle to fit the pack if you changed your mind. I looked at a lot of packs and decided on this one because of comfort, durability, quality, size, and ability to expand with molles and a scabbard.

The military green is not the old dark green color. it is more of an olive drab with some greyish brownish tones. Looks very earthy and will camo well in a lot of environments. The brown which I also saw is not a solid brown color either. Again with more earth like tones for better camouflage

THE CONS- there are 2 very obvious ones but you need to take the bad with the good but it's not really that bad.
1 weight. This is probably the most heavy of the packs in this size range, but I knew this before I bought it. If you were just going on a long excursion hike/camp you might be better off with what you could get from an outfitter. an average weight for a pack this size may be 5-6 pounds, light 3.5 pounds. this one is close to 9 pounds

2 set up. You need to get this pack to fit right and may take a while especially if you have never dealt with a pack to custom fit you. Do not just put the pack on and think it does not fit. It is adjustable and you will get a custom fit . Watch the ideo on the web site to show you how to adjust your pack

THE PROS to me are endless and it does not stop till you open the last zipper. there is a raincover in the bottom of the pack for more water resistance. You can get to the main compartment of the pack from the top or the front. and there are straps to compress it avoiding stress on the zippers. If you never had a pack with a waist strap to help support the weight of the pack when carrying, this sets this pack apart from backpacks without the waist strap support, and the main difference in how much more comfortable it is when carrying 35 pounds or more. there is a strap on my maxpedition vulture 2 but it is not the same as waist strap on this pack.

There are also a lot of compression straps so as your bag gets lighter or heavier on your adventure you can make sure your pack is tight and stuff is not loose and jiggling around. The padding on the back of the pack is ample, breathable and comfortable. The top is a removable fanny pack so you can use it on short scout trips from your camp.

I think there are 11 other compartments to put stuff in other than the main. also lots of molles. The padding that goes against you back is ample and very nice. This is definitely the ultimate get out of dodge, run for the hills bag. If the world came to an end and your name was Eli this is the bag you should have.

THE EXPERIENCE- When looking for packs online then running to various local sporting goods, and outdoor stores I learned quickly about how important the waist strap is as far as comfort and the longevity you can hike with the pack on. Supporting the weight of the pack on your hips is better than having it on your shoulders.
There were a lot of packs less expensive and a few that were more but nothing like the terminator where if you needed to you could strap on more bags with the molles if need be. The thing that sucked was how people measure backpacks. The measurements given in liters or cubic inches may be different from company to company and retailer to retailer. Not just for this pack but other packs made by other companies as well.

I could be wrong but with this pack fully extended and all the smaller compartments full I believe there is over 5000 cubic inches of space in this pack. You could add more pouches to get to 6000+. If you put the Maxpedition 12x5 bottle carrier on this pack, that would be 300 extra cubic inches right there. I love this pack and the operator as well. Stepping up from a regular school bag type back pack to something that you need to live out of takes a while and you should do as much looking around as you can.

After wearing this pack on a few trips I noticed distributing the weight from the shoulders to my hips was a world of difference. The internal frame and waist strap help doing this to the point where I realized using a pack without a waist strap is silly. I am not looking to lighten my pack any more even on short 2-3 day outings. If I need to carry heavy on a longer outing, why not practice carrying heavy on a shorter trip.

I am talking over 50 pounds. On shorter hikes I can carry heavier so I carry more luxury items. More food, water, and gear than necessary. the straps hold everything in place and can be adjusted that also helps a lot. The webbing on the outside allows me to strap other bags and items to it which makes the pack more like a system. So if I wanted to put my pad tent and sleeping bag in dry bags and strap it on the exterior I could do that.
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