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Eberlestock enters the world of "conventional" packs with a couple of unconventional backpacks. Please understand, they're only unconventional in the sense that they're nicer, and more fully detailed than other packs (trail packs) in this class.

It seems that most manufacturers have taken so many shortcuts in the trend toward minimalism that they have forgotten what it's like to live out of a backpack. In the tradition of our focus on practical field use, we've built the 3660 cubic inch V69 Destroyer and 6100 cubic inch V90 Battleship to be extremely capable and comfortable load bearing systems.

The V90 Battleship is a big, pack-all-you-can-carry-and-go-someplace backpack. It's a conventional class backpack with unconventional features. It is more fully detailed than most packs in its category. In the tradition of our focus on practical field use, we've built the 60 liter (3660 cubic inch) V69 Destroyer and 99 liter (6050 cubic inch) V90 Battleship to be extremely capable and comfortable load bearing systems.

With very similar features, the main difference between the two is one of scale. Choose the slightly more compact V69 if you need smaller capacity and prefer to go as light as possible. Choose the larger V90 if you simply need to get serious and haul some big loads.

For its scale, this pack is exceptionally light weight. We've carefully chosen new materials that give the optimum balance between high strength and light weight, and arranged them very cleverly, if we do say so ourselves. Every feature and detail has a purpose, and many of them have multiple purposes.

With nearly identical features, the main difference between the two is one of size. Choose the slightly more compact V69 if you expect a 7-14 day mission and prefer to go as light as possible. Choose the larger V90 if you simply need to get serious and go on an indefinite bug out mission.

Something else you'll like about these packs: For their scale, they're extremely light weight. Eberlestock has carefully chosen new materials that give the optimum balance between high strength and light weight, and arranged them very cleverly. Every feature and detail has a purpose, and many of them have multiple purposes.

The V-type packs are double-deckers... with both top loading and front loading features, it's easy to find your gear wherever in the pack you have it stowed. It also has the great benefit of a full array of compression and lash straps.

Each surface of the pack can be compressed and each set of straps can be used to quickly grapple something to the pack. So you have a very simple and versatile, and ultimately practical backpack.

Includes a fitted rain cover that pulls out of a bottom pocket.

Volume: Weight lbs: Dimensions:
6100 c.i.  8 lbs 12 oz  36"h x 14"w x 11.5"d
Best Use / Type:
  • Tactical
  • Hunting
Backpack Features:
  • Built-in Rain Cover
  • Gadget Compartment
  • Internal Frame
  • YKK zippers
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Dual Access to Main Compartment
  • MOLLE / PALS Webbing
  • Inside PALS Webbing
  • Detachable Fanny / Sling Pack
6100 Cubic Inches
Accessory Pouches:
  • A1AA - Airwave Pouch
  • A1BC - Mini Pouch
  • A1DB - Micro Dry Bag
  • A1SP - Small Padded Pouch
  • A1ST - Small Stuff Sack
  • A2DB - 5-Liter Dry Bag
  • A2FK - IndiTAK Pouch
  • A2MP - MultiPack Accessory Pouch
  • A2SP - Large Padded Accessory Pouch
  • A2ST - Large Stuff Sack
  • A3SB - Saddle Bag
  • AN2P - 2 Liter Accessory Pouch
Tactical Accessories :
  • A1SR - Pack Mounted Shooting Rest
  • A1SS - Short Shotgun Side Scabbard
  • A2LS - Side Scabbard, Bolt Sniper Rifle
  • A2SM - Padded Magic Carpet Shooting Mat
  • A2SS - Side Scabbard, Scoped Rifle
  • A4SS - Tactical Weapon Carrier
  • ERM - Eberlestock - Sidewinder-AR Rifle Case
  • ESM - Eberlestock - Sidewinder-Rifle/Shotgun Case
  • JSTC - Scabbard Butt Cover - Regular
Dimensions :

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Brand Name:
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William Boicourt

02/08/2017, 13:36

Nice bag but only good for large loads stuffed inside the pack. No outside pockets for quick access or organizing.
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12/25/2016, 13:05

Let's start by saying they named this the battleship for a reason. If you are a minimalist this not for you this thing is huge and I love it. I was able to get my modular sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad and ground cloth inside the bag. Went on a December 20° night with full gear and had room left over for more junk if I needed it.

The sleeping bag would not fit in its stuff sack so I used the lower portion of the backpack as a stuff sack and my military 4 piece modular sleeping bag fit perfect. Now then I am 6'3 and 250 lbs so I handled this load fine I like the taller narrower load out of this bag personally.

The inside pockets are an awesome idea as well as the ability to strap a long gun to either side. It is without a doubt the most comfortable bag I've ever used and the quality is outstanding. I can seriously find nothing to complain about. Just be sure you want this big of a bag. I highly recommend the eberlestock water bladder as well zero after taste in your water. Found my new product line for my equipment.
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11/01/2016, 14:47

Ok so it may seem like I'm splitting hairs here, but for the price of this bag and eberlestock's reputation and historically amazing products, I figured I'd give an abnormally finicky review since they deserve candid feedback and I wish I had better reviews when I was shopping around. The main video on the web site is a great review as well. Really shows you what the bag is.

I despise the packs I've been issued before, even the aftermarket highspeed ones. I hate most of the more modern packs with frames and nothing ever really fits me quite right. I'm 6'0 -and under 150 pounds soaking wet, so heavy packs wear me down fast. This bag carries its load very well. I've had upwards of 70-80 pounds in it before (for a very short duration, I'm no mule) and it was *much* more comfortable and manageable than other packs that I've used with that kind of weight. I very much like 99% of the features of it.

The two storm collars up top are nice. The interior divider that separates the inside of the pack is smart, I almost wish there was a *second* one halfway up the main top compartment. The only thing I dislike about that is that its such a soft/pliable material, that if whatever you have stuffed into the bottom compartment doesn't take up the whole space, I feel the contents you place in the top compartment wouldn't settle nicely at the bottom of the top compartment, they would just press the divider down against the contents of the lower compartment and that could be uneven and mess with my every so slight case of perfectionism with regard to packing things.

zippers are great. I haven't had another bag with zippers that open and closed so easily, with such durability, and great pull-tabs. The first thing I noticed with this brand was the quality of the materials. Stitching is top notch, buckles are strong and don't look like they are at risk of cracking. The *front* opening zipper is genius. Top and side carrying handles are great. I do wish the top carrying handle was a bit more stiff. It seems to have a rubber piece in there and my usual M.O is to girth hitch some cord around a tree and hang the bag off the ground a few feet so I can get into it without having to lean over and dig into the bag with a headlamp, it stays out of reach of (most) critters, no longer a trip hazard and it helps keep it from getting wet/dirty.

When I clipped the (albeit heavy) bag to the carabiner by the top carrying handle, I was kind of afraid of damaging the handle. So I tried to use the two black plastic D-rings, no dice, not reinforced enough. I had to rig something up with some climbing slings to distribute the weight of the pack across a few points. a harder rubber or plastic/polymer material through the interior of the top and side carrying straps, in my opinion, would help for when you're manhandling a heavy one or strapping it down onto anything for transit or storage.

I like the abundance of compression straps, though the topmost ones (above the mesh pockets) could be moved farther down the side of the bag, They're under 3 inches from the first storm collar, yet over a foot from the lower set of side compression straps. adding a set may be overkill, but just moving the top ones down a bit I think would make more sense. Also, with so many compression straps and drawstrings all over the place, I had to use up a whole box of rubber bands to fold the excess of this bag's straps.

Some built-in retainer bands on the straps (like you see on most tactical packs' shoulder straps) are almost a must considering the sheer inches and inches of free-running ends you will inevitably have on every strap. Even the shoulder straps dont have them, which blows my mind since when I put it on there's foot and a half of free-running ends (granted I am not a large person). The two straps that *do* have a way to stow the excess, the horizontal compression straps on the face of the pack, are nice and work well, but that same permanently-attached-velcro setup they have needs to find its way to every other strap on the pack.

I like being able to access the bottom compartment separately from the top compartment, and its where my sleeping stuff goes (all of it, surprisingly, this bag has serious volume), but the opening is very small to fit a full 3 or 4-piece sub-zero and weather-proof sleeping system through, even in its (the sleeping bag's) compressed state. The elastic opening of the bottom compartment just makes it more difficult as well. It seems like an unnecessary inconvenience. The two small straps located there also have an abundance of slack if you're not rolling something and sticking it under the pack. 2 more rubber bands, or feeding the slack through the molle webbing back and forth.

In order for the pack to fit right on my back/hips and be snug against me, it sticks out almost too close and too high over my head. Which may be fine for backpacking, but add a helmet and the need to look up sometimes, and its almost impossible. I'm not used to packs that stick up that much and found myself getting hooked on the roofs of vehicles or openings I"m crawling through. Not a complaint, just for those who aren't used to packs like this, you will catch it on stuff, and people will laugh.

something that *should* be elastic, are the openings to the two lower pockets on the sides of the pack, and possibly the openings to the two exterior mesh compartments. The cord that goes through there is very thick, coarse, and hard to tighten when the pack is full. Either an elastic opening or an elastic cord would be perfect in my opinion. With a very full and compressed pack its hard to get in those mesh pockets and an elastic opening would fix that.

I would very much like to see a quick-release system for the main shoulder straps. Whether its incorporated into the friction adapter, or located all the way at the bottom. With a bag of this size, it takes up its own seat on whatever mode of transportation you're using, making it sometimes unpopular. I'd like to be able to route the main straps over or through things in order to transport the pack on the exterior of a vehicle or on misc equipment or trailers in tow. Right now there's no easy way to do this without some carabiners and some spare tubular nylon.

The weatherproof rain cover that it comes with is awesome. Its gotten me out of a pinch before when I woke up in a newly formed body of water due to torrential downpours and an already-saturated water table. The bag was literally floating next to me backside up inside its own raincoat. 100% dry. considering the cost of the electronics inside, it almost paid for itself.

The interior radio compartment is great, perfectly sized for older radios that have battery boxes that hold 2 batteries, but as radios decrease in left-to-right width, but increase in front-to-back width, I'd like to see more bags come with radio pouches that can fit the newer generations of radios better, or have adjustable horizontal straps to prevent the need to pad around the radio with stuff.

The compartment on the top lid of the pack is large. almost too large, and you cant zip it all the way closed with the two rear straps in the way. You have to loosen them, open/close, then cinch them...and then get 2 more rubber bands. Even fully extended so the top of the pack is *way* over your head they have too much slack, and I doubt anyone is rolling a bedroll to put directly up against the back of their neck.

lastly the tiny velcro strip on the lid is too short for a nametape, too thin for a flag, its just kinda...lacking in both length and width. With a bag this nice, I want my name all over it, so I went at it with a permanent marker, hiding my name in every crevice I could find.

Eberlestock has a customer for life, I look forward to seeing how their already-superb products get better and better. I wish I would have known about them years ago.
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10/28/2016, 14:42

First off when I opened the box and seen it I was very impressed right off the get go. This sucker is huge with a lot of storage options. I have been going through it and packing it for 11 hours ( 4pm to 3am) and I have been able to reconfigure this pack so many different ways and have been able to put a mountain of stuff in it and still able put it on me and it is still comfortable.

With most packs I am concerned about stuffing them to full capacity and putting to much stress on main seams and zippers. This pack with all the compression straps on it and them being double to triple stitched into main seams that are reinforced with heavy but flexible plastic I don't worry about it at all. Now I know the price is a little high and I was a little edgy about paying 429 for it but I can tell you it is more then worth it.

I was going to get one for my wife but she said she couldn't handle it because it was to heavy ( mainly being because it was my pack and I carry a lot more then she does.) But she wants the V69 Destroyer pack instead. I would explain all the stuff I have crammed into this pack to give you an Idea but that list would be long. If people request it I will.
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Fite Achtemeier

10/20/2016, 15:06

If you are even Curious about this bag, watch the video walkthrough.

I'm including info about my specific gear because in my experience- everyone's stuff is a different size, style, and variety... as such it is gonna fit together different. I'll try to use size comparisons.
Sometimes, the way stuff fits is a main consideration in a purchase.
"I need this Smaller..."...
"I need this Lighter"...
"If this is gonna weigh THIS much -I need it to be better at what it does..."
- These are all things I catch myself saying when I look at my gear.
And I Got Style, Size, and Variety, my friend. I recommend any piece of my gear. x)
A pack like this is at the Top of my "Essential Gear"

Looking at my bag:
This thing is Huge. I'm all about having the capacity to do things in my life- and big backpacks get love from me. Its got ROOM for any and every piece of gear, and shape to stay just lo pro enough, to let you spin around in a checkout line and grab some chips without clearing the countertop, you know what Im sayin?

In the bottom, I can fit my Marmot Helium and most all of my body wear- Set of UA Base 4.0s and a set of HH LIFA, a pair of UA Extreme Coldgear leggings, MHW Nitrous down Coat, extra pair of Blackhawk Pants, extra UA underoos and a UA Heatgear Compression Tshirt. I can squeeze in a 20rnd box at the top of the lower compartment- then lay in a extra set of 6" Wolverine Forester boots perfectly aligned with the lower horizontal compression strap! Tighten it down enough not to stress the ripstop 400d fabric and move right along...

The main Compartment is a frickn cavern. I stack two jetboil 220s and my solo stove which nests inside the MSR titan .85L pot- about the same size as another 2 220s- underneath my food storage. 14 packets of freeze dried grub- a pack of ramen, two Knorr Sides and a Near East Lentil cup o soup, and 4 Bridgford MRE samiches... it all fits in an area about the size of a twelve pack of cans- probly the same weight.

I packed the side pockets inside the main compartment with 8 pairs of various smartwool and coolmax socks, my UA Cold Gloves and UA Base 2 face mask -but on my next loadout I'm not gonna use em, Ill fit the socks and stuff in and around the sides as I go. That will maximize the capacity of the main compartment and also the external side pockets- another Very Cool Feature.

-On top of my food and socks I still found room for a blanket (Kelty Waterproof 3 way Blanket Bag Awesome Thing) and a Fleece Coat (Condor Alpha)... I probably could cram another 12pk of cans on top and fit it right inside the bag with no storm neck extension yet- This bag really can carry more than me- I'm Positive :)
That's a Good Thing!

The Top Compartment is super adjustable, it can keep a Sawyer Pocket filter, folding solar panel, Sunjack and 700 LumenAid lamp, my tech bag and batteries. The tech bag is about 6x9, holds an old Icom T7 HAM Radio, a Steripen Defender and a kindle + about 8 AAs and 6AAAs. The Top Pocket STILL has room for various bandanas or a medium sea to summit towel, a Uco Lantern, and a 4oz flask...

The whole suspension is a dream. The hipbelt is sturdy and comfortable.
---If you have geared up and bugged out- long term, long distance, outdoors living style stuff before- you have seen or bought the "Most Comfy Backpack Made Today..." ...Fluffy Straps Pinch in a jacket and twist up- they look dorky and center the pull into razor edged points on your bones...
Comfy dont equal Good in my xp.---

Good is what the straps on this bag are. Minimalist, wont get in the way of a sweater or layered Cold Storm Option, I could see wearing a plate carrier or a LBV just as easy while wearing the pack. She's a big mamma jamma- your gonna be heavy, but if you got Nord Legs like the man right here- you could swing it.

The hipbelt is sweet with mole strappin. I got a 3x6x3 Range Shooters FAK (made by AMP-3 LLC) up on the rear loops, and a blackhawk nalgene bag on the otherside rear loops- with plenty of room for a canteen or even the Gerber LMF on the front loops near the buckle.

Fully adjustable with compression straps all around the bag- every detail can hold weight. I recommend the speed clips for mole on the back 6 straps- the speed clips seem not to stress the ripstop as much as alice clips, D rings, or grimlocks. The Hydration Pockets on this bag will fit a 3L Reservior, but you need a little room for expansion inside the main compartment... The pockets on the sides have drawstrings and are well designed, and the compression straps will secure many assorted sizes of large heavy metal items on either side... The suspension supports even lopsided loads very well.


---I am Excited to use an E-Stock pack finnaly after drooling at them for 2 years- and this one is the right one for me!---
Anytime I Buy a Pack- Its gonna be one of theirs if I have anything to say about it.

One Last Thing real quick:
I also have a V69 Destroyer, the little brother of the Battleship pack- and Literal, just as the guy says in the video- "Its the same pack, Just Smaller"... Side by Side: The Pack, the Straps, The Pockets...
The Hydro Pockets could be a consideration... the same 3L kinda hangs out more in the slightly smaller pockets of the Destroyer- for example.

-Thanks for Reading!
I Hope This Helps you decide that you need a great bag like this for all of your adventure equipment. -You Get what ya Pay For and This IS Worth it!
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Scott Childs

10/19/2016, 15:05

Bought one of these for myself and my son for a 2 week, 70 mile Philmont backpack trip in New Mexico mountains. No problems at all with comfort, loaded with 70 lbs of equipment, food, and water. Great pack. Lots of pockets. We didn't have to strap items to the outside of the pack like many of the others that hiked with us. It all fit inside pack.
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10/13/2016, 15:04

BEST Damn Backpack ever made and that I have ever purchased and own.!!! Recommend it and it's worth ever dollar!!!!
- US Marine (Ret)
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10/12/2016, 15:01

Great pack! Durable and can carry a weeks worth of stuff to include tent and sleeping bag.
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09/13/2016, 15:53

The hype is real! This bag is amazing, the quality is top notch, it has a well thought out layout/pockets and access! The only caution I would give is with this being one of the larger offerings from Eberlestock be careful! This bag can and will fit more gear (weight) than you can feasibly/safely carry! That's not the bags fault, just a caution and something to keep in mind!
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Todd Bresemann

09/13/2016, 02:06

Awesome pack my son and I used them for our back country elk hunt and it performed as designed.
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Jesse James

08/29/2016, 13:07

Trying to find the words to describe just how Awesome this pack is. With all my gear in it, this has to be the coolest thing I've ever owned. Also, the first to fit all my gear. Now, at 78lbs, my mission is to start dropping weight. This beauty will be starring in my YouTube series about prepping. So excited. I will note that mine did come with a coyote rain cover. Was worried, after reading that a customer didn't think they got one (haha, you have to check the very bottom zipper pocket!), as those are around 35 bucks. But it was included, and I am totally impressed. Now, I know why these packs are so expensive.
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Verified Customer

07/24/2016, 22:05

Most people have accurately reviewed this product. So, I will only add a few additional things:
pretty much the perfect heavy duty pack money can buy. No need to go over the same PROs as everyone else as I agree with them.
I would say the only con I have about this pack is that its so big that it almost entices you to stuff this thing and you can make your pack overweight in a hurry. Fully loaded gets to be close to 50lbs easy.

The other thing is I wish the top of the pack compartment could detach from the rest of the pack in case you want to drop the pack and take essentials only. My cons are very reaching so I still give it 5 stars.
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Michael weber

07/12/2016, 13:00

Very pleased. Took to Argentina for hunting. Only packed this and a carry on for a week trip. 70 lbs. durable. Best pack I've got and trust me I'm a gear bag junkie.
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Austin Garrett Kirk

07/04/2016, 15:07

Everything and more. No joke. Use it for hiking, military field training, and bragging rights!
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Kevin L

06/13/2016, 14:33

This pack is almost perfect for me. Before I explain why, here's a brief background of myself. I'm an adventurist, who is a professional photographer that carries nice heavy lenses and tripods, and I'm an avid shooter. So this pack works great... The almost part will be explained in a bit later.

One of the HUGE selling points for me is how compartmentalized the pack is. I love how it has opening fronts and a separate "sleeping gear" section that can be opened up via a diaphragm separator. I love how many options this pack has to secure gear and reconfigure. And this part is especially important to me that I really love.

I'm upgrading from a 70L pack which would have been perfect for me if I wasn't a photographer. I needed a way to attach my tripod to my pack without creating a wider pack. Laying my tripod across the top of my pack wasn't going to do. So utilizing the rifle and bow straps on the top side of the pack, I'm able to secure down my tripod to the side of the pack perfectly.

The "almost" part would be the pack shoulder strap adjustability. If I needed to adjust it up and down, the just isn't enough fine adjustment, but I can live with that...

I would recommend this pack.

Edit: 19 June 2016

Okay I'm giving this 5-stars now. I didn't watch the video online that shows you how to custom fit the pack to your back. The custom fitment will allow the pack to follow your back contours and hug your body so comfortably that you could wear this pack all fricken day. What should have been included with the pack is a card or directions linking to the website for fitment.

So not only can you move the shoulder strap harness up or down ladder rungs (about 1" per setting), there are these two aluminum rails on either side that allows for the strap harness to be slide up and down. These are meant to be taken out and bent to the contour of your back. Since each persons back is shaped differently, custom fitment is the best way for heavy loads. This feature is extremely well thought out and should make for a fantastic extended day pack.

Set aside at least 1-2 hours to get it right. Be sure to watch the video on the website for backpack fitting instructions.
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Jennifer Gutherless

04/04/2016, 04:52

Best pack that money can buy!!! Is perfect for camping, hunting and much more. I love this pack. It is super durable and can take some serious punishment. I've had this bag loaded with a 110 pounds of hunting and camping gear and can pick it up by any of the carry handles and it has never even crossed my mind that that the seams will rip.

The stitching on this pack is just insane and very strong. The zippers are heavy duty and are easy to open even with the pack bulged out with gear. This pack is also the most comfortable pack i've ever owned. The wide soulder pads spread out the weight nicely and the way the waist belt supports the weight is just amazing. Also the way the pack as a whole carries the weight it feels much lighter than other packs i have owned in the past.

I had a cabelas alaskan pack 2 for 3 years and took it hunting and camping on multiple occasions and this pack just blows it out of the water. The eberlestock with all my gear just feels like it is atleast 30 pounds lighter than what it felt like in my alaskan pack 2 with the way it spreads the weight threw the shoulder and waist supports. I could go on and on about this pack and all the things that i love about it but you will just have to buy one for yourselves cause this pack in my oppinion well its just the best pack on the market for the money.

Would highly recomend this pack to anyone if you want to buy a pack once and have a pack that you know will last you a lifetime. Thanks Eberlestock for the superior pack that you have made that i know i will enjoy for many years of all the outdoor activities that i enjoy and in knowing that i have something that will not fail me when it matters the most.
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oscar smith

03/19/2016, 15:08

I have been backpacking and spike camping for most of my adult life. I have used several packs in that time. Eberlestock hit a home run with this pack. It is designed to carry heavy loads, and it does with comfort. It distributes weight evenly on my body, holding the load close to my back and down to my hips. 75lbs in this pack feels like 50. I would strongly recommend this pack to any serious hunter who enjoys escaping to the wilderness and spike hunting. This pack will do the job.
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Verified Customer

03/09/2016, 21:03

best pack I have ever used in 30 years. Very comfortable and lots of storage when needed.
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Happy Camper

01/03/2016, 03:55

This Pack met my expectations and then surpassed them! This pack is huge, 100 liters with room for additional expansion if needed. It has alot of tie downs and molle type attachment points for lashing even more gear to the outside, though you will probably never need more room. It is extremely lightwieght for it's size, approx 7 1/2 lbs empty, and rides very comfortably.

The pack is fully adjustable to fit anyone. A Dream to carry! The pack is BOTH front and top loading !!! and the interior is well thought out with pockets and tiedowns to keep gear organized. It is hydration compatable and has 2.. yes 2.. Hydration pockets. It keeps your load evenly balanced with well placed compression straps that also double as lash or cinch straps for holding gear.

It is made of tough ripstop nylon and has a built in rain cover in the bottom of the pack for those stormy days. The waist belt is thick and oversised, exactly what you want for a pack of this size. The shoulder straps are thick and comfortable. For you hunters, There are external baskets and tiedowns to hold a rifle and you can actually fit a rifle down INSIDE this pack if you feel the need. It has duel storm collars and the rain cap has internal and external pouches.

All zippers are snag free and have good zipper pulls attached. Price... This pack is extremely reasonable for what you get. Any serious outdoorsman will tell you a good pack is your bread and butter and is not cheap..Equivalent packs price ~ $ 700 - $900 ( kirfu packs )The only regret I have is not purchasing this sooner.
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