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Condor - Solveig Assault Pack

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The Condor Solveig is our discreet assault pack. Sporting the new airflow system for additional comfort , its beaver tail design is made to cover the MOLLE panel and provide addtional storage space. The drag handle is reinforced with Hypalon for easier grip and durability, and the internal comparmentalization allows you to carry everything you would need. And with its sleeker low profile design, the Solveig will help you undergo any operation without notice.

  • Hypalon reinforced drag handle
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Separated organizers
  • Mesh interior pockets
  • U Shape zipper design for easier loading
  • Removable beaver tail pocket to cover MOLLE Panel
  • Air Flow System for greater comfort and breathability
  • Padded Shoulder straps for greater comfort


20"H x 11"W x 6"D
System Type:
Backpack Size Range:
  • 1400ci - 2000ci
Backpack Type:
  • Interchangeable Frame
Cubic Inches / Liters:
Dimensions :
20"H x 11"W x 6"D
Hydration Compatible:
  • 3 Liter

Brand Name

Brand Name:
Condor Outdoors
Sleek backpack with tactical functions. Well made and durable. The beaver tail cover maintains streamlined appearance even with a MOLLE pouch attached under the cover.
I've owned countless Condor bags. Really disappointed in this one. Two zipper have already broken. Sure hope it was a random occurrence as I really enjoy the rest of the products. I've taken multiple bags on deployment and haven't had issues. This one just goes to school with.
Fairly happy with the product overall, But a little disappointed for the price it was made in china. It has plenty of pouches and storage, and while my laptop measures under the requirements, its super tight. My laptop is 14.84" x 10.04" x 1.07" and It needs to be a couple inches narrower to utilize the velcro, and mayde instead of 10, 9.5 so it wasnt so snug, BUT its my fault for having a 15.6" laptop and shoving it in his bag. I would recommend For someone with a 14". I currently have a Lenovo E560, but have ordered a P50 so will see how it fits as it is smaller, but thicker.
Would be better if it had hook'n loop panel or molle on the interior.
Works great for school. The design of this backpack allows for a lot of books, binders, or supplies to be carried while still maintaining a sleek and streamline fit unlike math other backpacks. It is a very comfortable back, and would definitely buy again.
I don't know why it's so hard to find info about this pack online or on YouTube, but I really love mine. I've been carrying it daily for ~4-5 months. I travel quite a bit in my commute and do keep a number of emergency items and hobby bushcraft items with me at all times in my pack. I do a lot of outdoor activities and travel and often have it strapped to my motorcycle too. I have found this pack to be the perfect happy medium of clean lines and organizational pockets. I'm not a big fan of a thousand pockets and this one actually has a little more than I would generally prefer, but they are laid out so well that I can not find a single knock on the pack. I have bought and given away about a half dozen packs in the last few years because they just didn't do it for me, but I have loved every minute of carrying this pack. I also tend to avoid mesh back panels, which this has, but the mesh is very heavy duty and I have no worries about it wearing prematurely. The beaver tail pouch on the back of it is engineered perfectly, is very adjustable, and does a great job of hiding most of the stupid looking tacticool molle webbing on the back. I appreciate molle, but it's not very grey-man and the little bit on the sides is just the perfect amount to have in view. I keep a spare pocket knife clipped to the molle under the pouch, and have a few other small items tucked in there on occasion, out of sight but easy to reach in and grab without even opening a zipper. The pouch is big enough to accommodate my wide brimmed hat that would usually get mangled and bent inside the pack. On a recent trip I used it to carry a spare jacket, but it would carry a helmet, tools, ice axe, or what ever. The shoulder straps are also well engineered and comfortable, and should fit any adult, and the removable hip belt is perfect for this size of pack. A padded belt would be too much. I had it loaded until the seams stretched this last weekend and walked miles around Portland, constantly adding and removing things from it, and it carried great the whole time. The materials are all durable and holding up well. I basically can't give it too high of a review and I have been chronically disappointed with my backpacks for quite a while. It's just that well rounded and I may by another if I find a need. I would recommend it for hunting, around town, or for military ops all equally well. I'm not encouraged to promote this pack by anyone, I'm just very happy to find one I like finally.
Nice size for EDC while still compact and streamlined. Not overly bulky and saggy like others. Built well but not for heavy duty field use. Received compliments on its unique style. Highly recommend
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