Eberlestock - 100 oz. / 3 Liter Hydration System

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Our backpacks are ready to accommodate our top-of-the-line hydration systems. You'll find that they have dedicated bladder pockets, louvered tube portals, and tube-friendly harnesses. We think this is the ultimate hydration bladder system.

Made by Source®, our premium bladders are BPA-free, use patented anti-bacterial technology, and Glass-Like™ liner, so that you get a product that gives great tasting drinks and long life. We've added our own specifications to make this into the hydration system that best fits our products and the things that our customers will be doing with them.

Special standard features include a weave covered insulated drink tube, a lockable bike-bottle style push-pull drink valve with a dirt shield. Dual-fill options allow open-end access or use of a screw-off Nalgene size cap.

Please note: This bladder is recommended for all Eberlestock packs, with the following exceptions and caveats: It does not fit the X1 series packs. It fits in the main outboard pockets of the Phantom and Halftrack, but not in the narrow sleeve with the hydration hooks.

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From Eberlestock's original roots in the radical design of Olympic class biathlon racing rifles to their current projects, Eberlestock has shown the world how much performance should be expected of outdoor gear. They have always been a pioneer and a leader, not a follower. With their products you’ll find original concepts and a better way of doing things. For the hunter, the tactical operator, the shooting sports, or the hardcore adventure outdoorsman, we invite you to explore Eberlestock's current designs. You’ll find something that you can really use — use it hard, and use it well. And we’ll be excited to show you what’s around the next corner.

Compatible Backpacks:
  • E2B - Sniper Sled Drag Bag
  • E57B - Sniper Sled Drag Bag, Long
  • F1 - Mainframe Pack
  • F100 & F110 - Big Top Pack
  • F2 - Transformer Pack
  • F3 - Halftrack Pack
  • F3F - FAC Track Pack
  • F4 - Terminator Pack
  • F5 - Aileron Pack
  • F52 - Jackhammer Pack - Intex II Frame
  • F65 - Little Big Top Pack
  • G1 - Little Brother
  • G4 - Operator Pack
  • GS - Gunslinger Pack
  • H1 - Mini Me Hydro Pack
  • H2 - Gunrunner Pack
  • H31 - Sawed-Off II Pack
  • H32 - Switchblade Pack
  • H7 - Dagger Hydro Pack
  • J107 - Dragonfly Pack
  • J107MJ - Dragonfly "M" BigMouth
  • J117 - Dragonfly II Pack
  • J34 - Just One Pack
  • J51M - Warhammer Pack
  • J79 - Skycrane II Pack
  • JP9 - Blue Widow Pack
  • LP1 - FannyTop Pack-Mount Go Bag
  • M1M - Wing Pack
  • M3M - DownRanger Pack
  • M5 - Team Elk Pack
  • R3M - UpRanger Pack
  • S25 - Cherry Bomb Pack
  • S27 - Little Trick Pack
  • S34 - Secret Weapon Pack
  • S45 - Big Trick Pack
  • V69 - Destroyer Pack
  • V90 - Battleship Pack
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