Low Price Guarantee

At Survivalist 101, we are TRULY dedicated to helping you get the best deal on survival supplies and food storage, that's why we offer you our 125% Low Price Guarantee!

Simple Price Gurantee:

We know, everyone has a "Low Price Guarantee" ... and it's usually like pulling teeth to get them to honor it. Not at Survivalist 101. Here's how it works ...

If you find a better price before you purchase, or in the next 30 days after you purchase from us .... call us toll free at 855-687-7737. Yea, it's really that simple. We will Google the item you found for less, verify it while your on the phone, and refund the difference or give you a store credit for 125% of the difference!

Price Match Guidelines:

• Comparisons MUST include the product price plus shipping & handling charges when calculating the competitor's total price. (Many of our products offer free shipping where our competitors may not)

• Our Low Price Guarantee applies only to retailers shipping from the United States that have the identical product in-stock and the product is priced accurately.

• Total price match requests must be submitted within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase from Survivalist 101

• Products being price-matched must be offered by a legitimate & recognized commercial retailer. Products being sold by individuals on online auction sites (i.e. eBay) or through classified ads (i.e. Craig's List) or other similar sites or establishments cannot be accurately matched and cannot be accepted.

• Please note that Survivalist 101 only sells newly manufactured product fresh off the production line, we do not accept price-match requests for re-manufactured, re-furbished, counterfeit, or outdated products