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Ultimate Prepper Package (Take a Minute to Read This)

The Ultimate Prepper Package is Not Your Everyday Prepper Bundle

Most "prepper bundles" that you see online are designed with a couple of quality items to pique your interest, then the rest of the items are cheap no-name generic items of questionable quality. At S101, our Ultimate Prepper Packages use the EXACT same survival gear we use when building our professional grade bug out bags; America's best selling bugout bags. All crucial sections of our Ultimate Prepper Package uses leading name brand items. These brands are well known in the survival industry for building quality products that are designed to last. All products are covered by full manufacturers warranty.

What's In the Box

1 - Ultimate - Bravo Scorpion Bug Out Bag (contents below)
1- Vism 3 Day Assault Pack
1- UBB Brand Patch
1- 2.5 Liter Hydration Bladder

1 - Legacy Premium 25yr | 120 Srv | 1 Month Food Supply
6 - Legacy Water Storage Boxes w/ Treatment kit (30 Gallons)
1 - Berkey Go Water Filtration System
1 - SOS Food Labs - 12ct Purified Drinking Water (1.5L)
1 - SOS Food Labs - Emergency Rations 3600 Kcal
1 - LifeStraw Personal Water Straw Filter

1 - Schrade 5" Frontier Survival Knife
1 - SOG Knives Entrenching Tool
1 - Schrade Sharpening Stone (in sheath)
1 - Multi-Function Knife (Inside Survival Kit)

1 - Fenix Flashlights UC30 960 Lumen USB flashlight
1 - Fenix Flashlights HL-26 USB Reach. 450 lumen Headlamp
1 - SunJack 10000mAh Battery
1 - SunJack 14W Folding Solar Panel
1 - Crank Flashlight with Am/Fm Radio, Phone Charger
1 - Rothco 9 Bulb Headlamp (needs batteries)

1 - Adventure Medical SOL Regular Waterproof Bivi
1 - Coghlans Emergency Two Person Tube Tent
1 - Coghlans Adult Size Poncho OD
4 - Small Hand Warmers
1 - Elite First Aid Emergency Hypothermia Blanket
1 - Leather Palm Work Gloves

1 -Elite First Aid Military Trauma Kit
1- Elite First Aid White Series Kit - 8 persons
1- NIOSH N95 Respirator Dust Mask
1- Deluxe Hygiene Kit

1 - 48 hrs - Bobcat Stove and ThermaFuel Combo
1 - Survival Garden Seeds | Assortment
1 - Elite First Aid Compact Multi-Piece Survival Kit
1 - Data CD Army 50+ Survival Manuals
1 - 8'' 1000ct Cable Ties
1 - Full Size Bic Regular Lighter
1 - Coghlans Flat-Packed Duct Tape
1 - Elite First Aid 7 Strand 550 lb. Parachute Cord 50'
1 - Holy Tinder

How to Upgrade Your Prepper Package

Every item you see listed below that is highlighted in this color is included. Above, to the right of the images, you will find drop-down menus that will allow you to upgrade each section in the prepper package. Each upgrade item below has a "View Details" link that allows you to compare all of the details of that particular product. If you check prices with our competitors (and who doesn't?) you will quickly see the value of this package. If you have any questions, or would like to customize this prepper package, simply click the "Send Message" on the top of this page. Or call M-F 9-5 EST.


Shipping is completely free. This package has a lot of moving parts, some we stock, others we ship via our industry partners. This means that you will receive multiple shipments from UPS & Fed Ex. Shipping times vary, under normal circumstances, all items should ship in 3 - 5 days.
Long-term Food Storage
25 yr. Food Storage:

With these deluxe freeze-dried food storage kits, you get delicious, healthy GMO-Free calories for emergency storage. These packages provide an enormous amount of premium food storage that's designed to fit in a small space. With a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees included in every bucket.

Here at Survivalist 101, we sell five brands of food storage, Legacy Food Storage is, far and away, our best selling food storage. Legacy Food Storage offers the highest quality food products in the industry as well as the lowest cost pound for pound. Legacy’s manufacturing partner has been manufacturing food products since 1951 and has been selling food storage ingredients for well over 30 years.

Legacy's manufacturing facilities are certified by NSF as SQF Level 2 Food Safety rated facilities. These certificates have some of the highest requirements for both procedures and quality. Their manufacturing facilities go through annual audits and tests to meet these certification standards. Legacy products are manufactured by facilities that have the following certifications:
- USDA Organic
- NonGMO
* Days Estimated using 1700 calories per day
* Make serving selections from drop-down menus above.

Details 120 Srv 240 3rv 360 3rv 720 3rv 1080 3rv 1440 3rv
Servings 120 240 360 720 1080 1440
Calories 48,920 97,480 150,680 301,360 452,040 602,720
1 Person 27 Days 54 Days 84 Days 167 Days 251 335
2 People 14 Days 27 Days 42 Days 84 Days 126 167
3 people 9 Days 18 Days 28 Days 56 Days 84 112
4 People 7 Days 14 Days 21 Days 42 Days 63 84
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Bug Out Bag/ Gear
Bug Out Bag/ Gear
One of the most important aspects of prepping is to plan for how you will make an escape should your shelter in place plan be compromised. Survivalist 101 is known for our bug out bags, they are literally, the country's best selling and best built bug out bags money can buy. Below is our most popular selling bug out bags. Each bug out bag is designed for one person, however they can be easily upgraded to accommodate larger groups by adding corekits. Just remember, this package includes food storage, all you really need to address are shelter and warmth options to the bug out bag to convert it for larger groups. Also remember, if you add additional gear, you should also add additional backpacks to carry that gear. You will find all of our bug out bag addons here.
Bravo Delta Echo Black-Ops Zulu
Scorpion Prolight Raptor LRP MOAB
Bravo Scorpion Delta Prolight Echo Raptor Black Ops LRP Zulu MOAB
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Water Storage
Water Storage
Water storage is the most important thing that you can do to prepare for disaster. All food storage requires water, and the human body can only last 3 days without water. Wether you buy this package or not, stop shopping and start a water storage system at your home right now. The golden rule on water storage is one gallon, per person, per day. When you start doing the math, that's a lot of water. The least expensive way to do this is with stackable water storage boxes. They come with fill kits and water treatment drops so that you can safely store water for up to five years. PBA free water tanks is the best way to store water. They are made to withstand the test of time. They are stackable and the water can be treated and retreated for years of use. Regardless of how you accomplish water storage, just do it. This package comes with the 30 gallon water box storage kit.
30 Gallons 60 Gallons 120 Gallons 180 Gallons 320 Gallons
Six 5-gallon long Term Emergency Water Supply Boxes with Fill Hose and Treatment Kit 30 Gallons (1 Month) Twelve 5-gallon long Term Emergency Water Supply Boxes with Fill Hose and Treatment Kit 30 Gallons (2 Months) Twenty Four 5-gallon long Term Emergency Water Supply Boxes with Fill Hose and Treatment Kit 30 Gallons (4 Months) Thirty Six 5-gallon long Term Emergency Water Supply Boxes with Fill Hose and Treatment Kit 30 Gallons (6 Months) Two 160 Gallon BPA free Emergency Water Storage Tanks 320 Gallons (2 Tanks) with spigots & fill kits
Water Storage Water Storage Water Storage Water Storage Water Storage
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Stoves & Cooking
Cooking / Stoves
Now that you have food storage, you need the ability to boil water as well as cook other food items without electricity or gas. We have solved that problem with one of the most flexible indoor/outdoor fuel-stove cooking systems we could find for the money. The Bronze package includes the Bobcat stove and 48 hours of fuel. The stove system boils a cup of water in roughly four minutes, which equates into 45 gallons of water. This stove/fuel system is the perfect system to transition you from kitchen appliances to purpose based cooking. You should have an idea or system set up outdoors that will allow you to cook and boil water beyond the capabilities of this fuel/stove package.
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Bobcat Folding Stove and 48 Hour Disaster Fuel Source ThermaFuel Refillable Emergency Stove – Complete Fuel & Stove System Bobcat Folding Stove and 96 Hour Disaster Fuel Source Deluxe ThermaFuel Refillable Emergency Stove – Complete Fuel & Stove System
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Water Filtration
Water Filtration

Besides Shelter, water is the most important preparation that you need to plan. You can only store so much water, after that you need to have a way to filter water from surrounding water sources i.e. lakes, rivers, wells. The standard is that you prepare for using one gallon a day, however that rule takes into account hygiene.

If we are talking strictly about water consumption, then you can get by with less. To stay healthy, you need to continually replenish your water supply. Experts recommend drinking approximately two quarts (64 ounces or about eight glasses) of water each day. Of course, if you are in an extremely hot or cold area — or if you are moving a lot — you may need to drink a gallon or more of water every day.

Go Berkey Big Berkey Filter Royal Berkey Filter Royal Berkey Filter + 2
Go Berkey® Kit with Black Berkey Primer Big Berkey Water Filtration System (2.25 Gallon) Royal Berkey Water Filtration System (3.25 Gallon) Royal Berkey Water Filtration System Plus 2 Additional Filters (3.25 Gallon)
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Energy & Lighting
Energy & Lighting
Lighting is a must in a survival situation. Having the ability to generate your own energy and lighting is next-level prepping. Our Ultimate Prepper Package comes with:
- Sunjack 14w portable solar panel
- 10,000 MH Storage Battery
, that powers:
- Fenix Flashlights UC30 1000 Lumen USB rechargeable Flashlight
- Fenix Flashlights HL15 450 USB rechargeable Headlamp
The upgrade on this section is pretty steep, but well worth the extra bucks if it's in the budget, and a much better deal than you'll find elsewhere. The Kodiak generator kits include solar panels, 1100w Kodiak generator battery, 300 lumen USB powered light(s,) and all of the cables needed to connect it all. All are covered by a two year manufacturers warranty.
Light Kit
Generator Kit
Generator Kit
Generator Kit
Sunjack 14w Panel, Fenix UC30 USB Flashlight & Fenix HL15 Headlamp Kodiak | 1100 Watt Generator | (1) 50w Panel Kit & USB light. Kodiak | 1100 Watt Generator | (3) 50w Panels Kit & USB lights. Kodiak | 1100 Watt Generator | (5) 50w Panels Kit & USB lights.
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Survival Seeds
Survival Seeds
Food eventually runs out ... The smart prepper plans for this. The Ultimate Prepper Package comes with 16 popular garden vegetables. Our Premium survival seed vault contains hardy, long-life storage seeds that come alive in any region and produce high quality, nutritive vegetables. Seed varieties are sealed separately in triple-layer Mylar packaging for long storage life. From the garden seed vault to your own beautiful backyard vegetables, self-reliance and peace of mind have never been so simple. Survival seed vault comes with a planting, harvesting and seed collecting guide.
Basic Seed Kit Deluxe Seed Kit Ultimate Seed Kit
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First Aid & Hygiene
Trauma Kit
In survival situations, doctors and emergency rooms may not be available. This package, via the included bug out bag, comes with an 8 person first aid kit (not shown below.) To this we ADD to and upgrade that kit by adding a military trauma kit. When planning and prepping, just know that should a medical emergency arise, you will always be glad you beefed up this section of your prepper package. Having a trauma kit alongside your first aid kit makes sure you are prepared for any and all emergencies.
S101 - Military IFAK First Responder Bag M17 Medic Trauma Kit
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Short-Term Food Storage
Short-term Food Storage

Short-Term food storage is NOT included in this Ultimate Survival Package, however we do suggest that you consider adding a short-term food storage strategy to your preps.

The Ultimate Prepper Package includes long term (25 year) Legacy Premium Food Storage. However, if you are dealing with a local intermediate disaster that lasts three to seven days; do you really want to crack-open your 25 year food storage?

Having Mountain House cook in pouch meals on hand will allow you to keep your long-term preps in tact. Buying short-term food storage also allows you to buy less long-term food storage knowing that you will be prepared for short term emergencies like hurricanes, earthquakes and snow storms. Mountain House cook in pouch meals are also perfect for camping or hiking and are easily prepared right in the pouch and have a twelve year shelf life.

Each pouch has roughly 2 servings. We suggest that you plan on two pouches per day, per person. This will provide roughly 1200 - 1600 calories per day. The packages below will contain at least 4 different dinner entree types and at least one breakfast entree. We are unable to guarantee the variety of entrees in this bulk pouch package, however if you put your preferences in the comments at check out, we will do our best to get you the entrees that you want.

Available Breakfast Entrees
Breakfast Skillet
Biscuits & Gravy
Eggs & Bacon
Eggs with Ham & Peppers
Granola with Milk & Blueberries
Available Dinner Entrees
Pasta Primavera
Rice & Chicken
Beef Stew
Beef Stroganoff
Chili Mac with Beef
Chicken Fried Rice
Noodles & Chicken
Mountain House Cook in Pouch Meals Estimated 30 Pouches 60 Pouches 90 Pouches 120 Pouches
~ Servings 60 3rv 120 3rv 180 3rv 240 3rv
1 Person 15 Days 30 Days 45 Days 60 Days
2 People 7 Days 15 Days 22 Days 30 Days
3 people 5 Days 10 Days 15 Days 20 Days
4 people 3 Days 7 Days 11 Days 15 Days

Alt Information

Manufacturers #:

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Kit Features:
  • Contains Bugout Bag
  • Contains Fuel/ Stove
  • Contains Solar Energy
  • Contains Survival Seeds
  • Contains Water Storage
  • Contains Food Storage
  • Contains Ration Bars
  • Contains Potable Water
  • Contains Water Filtration
  • Multi-Person Kits