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Ultimate - EDC Survival Kit Level 5

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Condor 169 Convoy

Condor 169 Convoy

Condor 169 Convoy


Genuine U.S. Military M3 Medical Case

New, NSN: 6545-00-912-9870, Case Medical Instrument and Supply Set, nylon, non-rigid, No. 3, MFR- Ambassador Bags & Spats MFG Co. Inc., contains three dual-zippered compartments and an opened sandwiched pocket in the middle, detachable carrying shoulder strap, cover closed by plastic buckle, letters "US" with caduceus, 11" x 8" x 8"

Included in Kit

Coghlans's Emergency Tube Tent

Tube Tent - This rugged 2.5 mil polyethylene shelter is fire retardant and lightweight. Shelter sets up in minutes and provides enough room for 2 people. Cord included. This versatile tent can be used as a primary or secondary shelter. It has a multitude of uses, which is why we have included it in every bugout bagwe sell. Some alternative uses are: wind break, additional tarp, water collecting, tent foot print, ground tarp, gear cover. The uses are virtually endless for this product.

Included in Kit

SOL Waterproof Bivi Bag

This is NOT the average "tin-foil" survival blanket / bag you will find in most survival kits. It is basically a tarp that is lined with mylar that is reusable, repairable and resist tears.

The ultralight, ultra-warm full protection shelter. Made from the same heat-reflective polyethylene as AMK's world-famous emergency blankets (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you), with the added benefit of being fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can get inside

. If you're forced to spend the unexpected night outdoors, hop in the SOL Emergency Bivi as soon as the temperature drops and instantly improve the odds in your favor. Measures 36" x 84". Weighs 3.8 oz. Compactly packs down to 2 1/2" x 3".

Included in Kit

Coghlans's - Hooded Poncho

Waterproof medium weight poncho (olive drab or Clear) made from durable vinyl material with electronically welded seams. This is not the typical glorified garbage bag included in most survival kits. This poncho is durable, reusable and repairable.

SOS Food Rations 2400 Kcal

4 Mr. Hot Disposable Hand Warmers

Meant For Pocket. Size Large Is Large Body And Pocket Hand warmer. Minimum Temperatures: Under 40 Degrees C, Maximum Temperatures: 68-70 Degrees C, Duration About 5 Hours.

Included in Kit

2 Mr. Hot Hour Body Warmers

These body warmers heat up in just minutes. They last for 16-20 hours and heat up to 150 degrees with an average temperature of 130 degrees. Place within your sleeping bag or under clothing for optimal results.

Included in Kit

SOS Emergency Hypothermia Blanket

Made of polyester material designed from insulation used in space exploration. Retains 100% of body heat. Emergency protection in all weather conditions. Waterproof, windproof, will not crack, mildew or shrink.

  • Size: 53" x 82"
  • Folded for compact storage and transport
  • Polyethylene reflects body heat back to the body

Included in Kit

Leather Palm Work Gloves

These leather palm gloves are made to resist hot temperatures. They are flexible and are easy to work with.

  • No-slip grip construction
  • Heavy-duty, yet flexible

Included in Kit

Full Sized Bic Lighter

So many survival kits overlook this one basic essential. Sure, everyone throws in the magnesium or flint striker fire starters, but why go to the trouble if you can simply flick your bic! We include one of these in every survival kit that we sell. It's kind of a no-brainer ...

Included in Kit

10 Heavy Duty Zip Ties

Sometimes it's the least likely thing that becomes invaluable when you're out in the field. Zip ties can ...

  • Secure tent shell to poles
  • Attach items to your vehicle or pack
  • Temporarily fix buckles or other attachment points
  • Fix snapped zipper pulls
  • Secure zipper pulls together to "lock" a bag against the unprepared thief
  • Plastic bag closure/seal

Included in Kit

Emergency CD with 50 + Survival / Army PDF Manuals

These manuals are perfect for printing and reading. There's no better time to prepare for an emergency than before it happens. We suggest you scan these manuals an pre-print the sections that you feel will be the most beneficial to your situation. Manuals included:

  • US Army - Survival Manual
  • US Army, Navy, Air Force - First Aid Manual 4
  • Marine, Army, Air Force - Survival Evasion Recovery 
  • Urban Combat - Department of the Army
  • Emergency War Surgery - NATO
  • Where There Is No Dentist - Murray Dickson
  • Army Ranger Handbook

Included in Kit

Streamlight MicroStream Tactical Flashlight
Streamlight's new high flux LED light with Proprietary Micro Optical. Systems has “Battery-Booster” electronics to provide a super-bright beam.

  • Proprietary Micro Optical System (MOS), for optimized output and runtime
  • Up to 28 lumens output for up to 1.5 hrs runtime
  • Super-bright 1/2 watt, 30,000 hour high flux LED
  • An internal polymer body liner and shock proof switch housing allow for operation under the most extreme conditions
  • Rubber push button tail cap switch
  • O-ring sealed
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens
  • Corrosion and water proof construction
  • Type II MIL-SPEC abrasion and corrosion-resistant anodized aircraft aluminum
  • Shock-proof; drop test verified above the industry standard of six feet
  • Unbreakable pocket clip
  • Includes (1) “AAA” alkaline battery

Included in Kit

Streamlight Enduro Headlamp
One of the brightest, lightest, most compact headlamps for the price.

  • Ultra-bright, the Enduro sports a 0.5 watt LED
  • Uses (2) "AAA" batteries
  • 2 lighting modes
  • Low beam - runtime of 24-12 hour
  • High beam - runtime of 7-6 hours
  • 18 Lumens of light
  • A solid state power regulator maintains maximum light output throughout the life of the battery
  • Impact Resistant: Polycarbonate lens and body
  • Water Resistant: O-ring sealed
  • Packaged with Non-slip comfort headstrap
  • Weight: Only 2.75 ounces (with batteries)

Included in Kit

3600 KCal Ration Bars (3,600 Calories)

The world's lightest and most compact survival food ration bar that fits into extremely limited storage areas. A compact, fortified, efficient, baked survival food ration specifically formulated to provide a balanced minimum daily diet with limited drinking water availability.

These low-thirst ration bars are specifically designed for personnel in life-threatening situations to sustain life until rescue or additional food is available. These ration bars are specifically designed for US Coast Guard and US Navy.

  • Approved by: U.S. Coast Guard
  • 5 year shelf life!
  • Space: 10% - 27% less space than other products
  • Weight: 10% - 19% less weight than other products
  • Water Use: Does NOT stimulate thirst.
  • Low Moisture: prevents freezing problems in extremely cold weather.
  • Suitable for: All age groups from infants through elderly. Can be eaten as is without any preparation. For infants, elderly, or injured people, can be mixed with liquids for drinking or mashed into a porridge
  • Dietary Standard: Complies with Halal and Vegetarian requirements.

Included in Kit

2ct. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
  • LifeStraw® is an award-winning point-of-use portable water filter that transforms microbiologically contaminated water into safe, clean drinking water. It is ideal for a variety of users outside of the home, from hikers and campers to people displaced by natural disasters.

    • Lightweight--only 56 grams (or 2 ounces)
    • Uses hollow fibre micro filtration technology
    • Purifies a minimum of 1000 liters (264 gallons) of water
    • Removes virtually all bacteria (99.9999 percent) and protozoan parasites (99.9 percent) that can contaminate water, including giardia
    • Reduces turbidity (muddiness) by filtering particulate matter larger than 0.2 microns
    • Made of durable plastic 
    • Chemical-free
    • Doesn’t require electrical power, batteries or replacement parts

Included in Kit

8ct (1 Liter) Emergency Purified Drinking Water
  • U.S.  Coast Guard Approved
  • No Oxygen Transfer (In other words, no chance of bacterial contamination)
  • Pre-Measured Packets make the water easy to dispense, and potential for loss is minimized. If a packet is destroyed, only 4.224 ounces (125 ml) would be lost.
  • No special storage required - it can withstand temperatures from (-40°F to 210°F)
    (-40°C to 99°C).
  • No Cups Needed!

Included in Kit

Included in Kit

WetFire Tinder 8-pack Description
WetFire Tinder is a universal lighting material that is safe, lightweight, and easy to carry. Guaranteed to light in windy or wet conditions and only requires a small amount of tinder to build a fire.

- Extinguishes instantly
- Cubed-tinders are individually packed to maintain freshness
- Will burn longer when wet or moist
- Great for use in combination with any UST sparking device
- 5-year shelf life

- Size: .75 H x .75 W x .5 D
- Weight Per Cube: 0.16 oz
- Color: White
- Quantity: 8

Included in Kit

Magnesium Fire Starter

This Magnesium fire starter adds redundancy to the flint striker, wind and storm proof matches and lighter already included. A must for every field trip. The fire starter uses magnesium, a flame source of 5400°F (2982°C). One fire starter should provide sufficient shavings to start hundreds of fires

Included in Kit

SOG Knives Revolver Seal - FX21N
The Revolver is the quintessential outdoors man's knife, doubling as a capable hunting knife and a saw. It sports a new look in blade and shape that is not only functional, but distinctive. A survival saw serves as a backup in the handle.

The blade features a forward thumb rest for increased dexterity and downward pressure. A glass-reinforced Nylon handle hides the stainless steel liners, which ensure strength and quality. And, as always, SOG edges are razor sharp. Includes a newly designed Nylon sheath that holds the knife in either saw or blade position and fits a military style belt. Includes a Black Oxide coating, which provides low reflectivity for the ultimate in stealth and style.

  • 440A stainless steel with Black Oxide coating
  • Rotating blade/saw combination
  • 1/2 serrated Bowie style blade
  • Double toothed survival-style saw
  • Glass-reinforced Nylon handle with stainless steel liners
  • Nylon sheath

Included in Kit

Gerber Dime Black Multi-Tool
Gerber's famous Dime Black Micro Multi-Tool, Black aluminum handles. Compact and lightweight. Weighs 2.2 oz. 2 3/4" closed. Ten 3Cr13 stainless components:

  • Pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Blade
  • Package opener
  • Scissors
  • Medium flathead driver
  • Crosshead driver
  • Bottle opener
  • Tweezers and file
  • Key ring.

Included in Kit

BCB Liferaft Fishing Kit (Salt Water)

When bugging out, food easily becomes one of the focus points after a few days in the woods. The BCB Fishing Kit adds functionality and redundancy to the small fishing kit already included within the kit. Small, lightweight and compact fishing kit ensures that you will never be hungry or without means to find fresh protein while bugging out.

Included in Kit

Included in Kit

Military Platoon MOLLE First Aid Kit- FA181
The New Platoon First Aid Kit comes in a medic pouch, with M.O.L.L.E. straps in the back. The kit comes is available in tan, OD & Black..

  • 2 - Bandage Gauzes - 4" x 4 yds
  • 3 - Antiseptic BZK Wipes
  • 3 - Alcohol Wipes
  • 3 - Iodine Wipes
  • 3 - Clean Wipes
  • 2 - Gauze Pads - 4' x 4"
  • 2 - Elastic Bandage - 2"
  • 1 - Pressure Bandage - 3"
  • 1 - Pill Bottle
  • 16 - Bandage Strips - 1" x 3"
  • 2 - Latex Examination Gloves (pair)
  • 2 - Adhesive Tape Rolls
  • 10 - Pain Relievers 10
  • 1 - Ice Pack
  • 3 - Abdominal Pads - 5" x 9"
  • 2 - Bulkee-II Super Sponges
  • 2 - First Aid Cream Packages
  • 1 - Scissors
  • 1 - Tweezers
  • 1 - Lip Treatment
  • 1 - EFA FIrst Aid Book

Included in Kit

Included in Kit

Survivalist Multi-Piece Survival Kit

This waterproof survival kit, built specifically by the instructors at Survivalist 10, contains the following items sealed in a waterproof water bottle.

  • 1 - 6 in 1 compass, thermometer, flashlight, whistle, magnifying glass & mirror
  • 2 - Emergency Candles
  • 1 - Snare Wire
  • 1 - Flint with stryker
  • 1 - Signal mirror
  • 1 - Wire saw
  • 1 - Multifunctional Swiss Styled knife
  • 5 - Pop-up towels (wet&expand)
  • 1 - Sewing kit
  • Matches, wind & waterproof
  • 1 - Fishing kit (Fresh Water)
  • 2 - Light Duty Plastic ties
  • 1 - Zip dry-bag

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Ultimate Bugout Bags

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  • Contains Ration Bars
  • Contains Potable Water

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