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Most survival kits are basically designed to help you survive an emergency until help arrives. Just like our bug out bags, Ultimate Bugout Bags (UBB) simply does it better. For years, UBB has been known as the best built, best backed, professional kits money can buy. We now are bringing that expertise to bare in our new Ultimate Survival Kits line. These aren't the same imported kits in the flimsy red and camo packs that you see on most websites. Those kits are pre-built over-seas with cheaply made single-use items. All of our survival kits are built with name-brand multi-use items and are built to order on the Survivalist Ranch in Ellijay Georgia. All UBB survival kits all FEMA compliant, and just like our bug out bags, they come with a 100% money-back guarantee, including shipping.

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