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Lights & Energy Corekit #1

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Included in Kit

Maglite Solitaire AAA Flashlight

The AAA mini-mag flashlight is constructed of rugged, machined aluminum with a knurled design. The high-intensity light beam goes from spot to flood with a twist of the wrist. Converts quickly to a freestanding candle mode. It is anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance. Water and shock resistant. A spare lamp is inside the tail cap. 

Runs on (1) AAA battery and is 3" long. Includes Energizer alkaline battery for a long lamp life and efficient power usage. The innovative extended key lead allows the light beam and keys to be used together in the same direction.

Limited Lifetime Warranty. Flashlight designed, manufactured, and patented in the USA.
Included in Kit

9-Bulb LED Headlamp

Adjustable elastic strap, lightweight and comfortable,use 3, 6, or 9 Led Lights At Once, flashes for emergency use. Adjustable Elastic Strap

  • Lightweight And Comfortable
  • Can Use 3,6 Or 9 Led Lights At Once
  • Flashes For Emergency Use
  • Includes 3 AAA Batteries
Included in Kit

Flashlight with Am/Fm Radio, Siren, and Cell Phone Charger

Product Description: State of the art dynamo 4 in 1 flashlight with 3 bright LEDs, Am/Fm radio, emergency siren, and cell phone charging capabilities with an adapter. The high efficiency dynamo system allows one minute of winding to create enough power for 1 LED to last an hour and a half or 3 LEDs to last for 30 minutes.

Winding for 3 minutes will give your cell phone 2-8 minutes of talk time. Great tool for every home, automobile, RV, boat, office, and school. Never needs batteries. Dimensions: 7.5" x 2.3" x 2.3"

Editor's Note: I have taken some ribbing from a few of my fellow survivalist for including this all in one tool in our high-end bug out bags. Let me first put my cards on the table: this is not a great flashlight as compared to our other light sources, its not a great radio either, and it takes a whole lot of cranking to charge a phone.

That being said, it adds $11 bucks to the cost of this bag and you HAVE a radio that never needs batteries, you HAVE a light that never needs batteries and you HAVE a way to charge your cell phone. The way I see it, for $11, it would be negligent of me to not include one of these in every bag. Even if you have our solar rechargeable kit, this is a light that works on cloudy and overcast days.

And to that, I have had one that has been in use for well over a year (it's actually it's in my son's Boy Scout pack, it gets used quite often) and it's going strong, they're pretty tough.

Brand Name

Brand Name:
Ultimate Systems

Bug Out Bag Features

Corekit Type:
  • Lights & Energy
Pack Weight:
  • Flashlight with Am/Fm Radio,Phone Charger
  • Maglite Solitaire AAA Flashlight
  • Rothco 9 Bulb Headlamp