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Build the Ultimate Bug Out Bag Using Corekits

Build the Ultimate bug out bag using Corekits™. Corekits are the exact same building blocks that make up our Ultimate Bug Out Bags. Listed below you will find all six of our main corekits, once you click on that Corekit you will have the ability to select a gear level. Corekits increase in size and equipment as you move through the different levels. To build a complete bug out bag, we suggest that you add Corekits from all six Corekits listed below.

Use the filters on the right to easily filter down to the exact section you want to build. Keep track of your build with the build tracker located under the filters. You can also use individual items to beef up or build your bug out bag. The individual items listed in this section are the same items we use to build our Ultimate Bugout Bags. On the left you will find filters for the individual items that allow you to filter items that belong to each Corekit

Please Note: Custom builds ship "boxed and un-assembled." If you would like us to build your bag for you, please select the "Assemble" option under your "Packs & Pouches" Corekit.

Ultimate Systems Bug Out Bags

Build a Bag with CoreKits

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