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Zulu - Long Range Bug Out Bag - Level 5

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Included in Kit

Included in Kit

Included in Kit

Included in Kit

Eberleystock F4 Terminator - 4100CI

The F4M Terminator is an extremely versatile full-format load bearing pack. The Terminator is an excellent all-around rucksack, easy to live out of, and is a great load hauler. It's optimized for the scout/sniper mission, with a unique articulating rear interior wall that allows a weapon to be carried near the wearer's back.

When not carrying a weapon, the wall is pressed against the frame to maximize conventional interior load space. You can add any of our side scabbards, sliding them into the weapon sleeve, to tailor quick-access weapon carriage to match your gun. Includes a pull-out pack cover.

  • Volume:  4100 c.i.  (67 Liter)
  • System Wt: 9 lb 10 oz (4.32 kg)
  • Basic Pack Wt:  8 lb 12 oz  (3.86 kg)
  • Construction:  500d + 1000d Nylon
  • Actual weight = 9.5 lbs.

The F4M is laid out much like the G4M Operator, but instead of a built-in weapon carrier, the pack is a conventional pack with configurable load bay.  The weapons bay puts the weapon next to the wearer's body, and when used with the optional A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier, all man-portable sniper rifles can be carried. 

The pack is also compatible with A1SS, A2SS, and A2LS Side Scabbards.A trap door on the back of the main lid of the pack opens to allow the insertion of a scabbard or for the carriage of a weapon resting on the bottom of the pack without use of the scabbard. Eberleystock developed this version of our F4 Terminator pack for the US army. It has all of the features of their regular F4 pack with the following modifications:

  • -The pack's main body is larger, and the lower compartment is also enlarged to better accommodate larger sleep systems.
  • The upper front flap's pocket is removed and replaced by a standard MOLLE compatible matrix.
  • The zippers for the side sleeve access are removed, and the long side pockets are attached directly to the sides of the pack. IT
  • Ghillie-Tex hardware is used throughout, including U.S. mil-spec quick-release harness main buckles.
  • The top flap is modified to extend vertically, and the storm collar is considerably longer, thereby adding an expandable interior volume.


Included in Kit

Hook & Loop Logo Patch

  • PVC Material
  • Hook backed for loop attachment
  • Choose from Seven Styles
Included in Kit

Eberlestock 2 Liter Accessory Pouch

This is a classic two-liter non-padded accessory pouch with MOLLE-compatible attachment fittings. MOLLE/PALS type webbing on both front and back. Easy grab double-slider zipper for quick access. A perfect accessory for the sides of our FAC Track or Gunslinger packs. Mounts to any MOLLE/PALS/Padlock panel up to 4 rows high. Please Note: Current models do not have outside pals webbing.

Included in Kit

Included in Kit

Nylon / Polypropylene Sleeping Bag Straps

Straps are 3/4” (2 cm) polypropylene 48” (1.22 cm) in length and have a quick tab release buckle. Easy to cut and seal to desired length. Frequently substituted: Coleman's version of the same straps.

  • 75" x 48"
  • Easily secures most sleeping bag sizes
  • Strong polypropylene straps
  • Non-slip, sewn-on slide stop buckle
  • Two straps per package
Included in Kit

Eberlestock 100 oz. / 3 Liter Hydration System

ES backpacks are ready to accommodate ES top-of-the-line hydration systems. You'll find that they have dedicated bladder pockets, louvered tube portals, and tube-friendly harnesses. We think this is the ultimate hydration bladder system. Made by Source®, ES premium bladders are BPA-free, use patented anti-bacterial technology, and Glass-Like™ liner, so that you get a product that gives great tasting drinks and long life. ES added their own specifications to make this into the hydration system that best fits ES products and the things that ES customers will be doing with them. Special standard features include a weave covered insulated drink tube, a lockable bike-bottle style push-pull drink valve with a dirt shield. Dual-fill options allow open-end access or use of a screw-off Nalgene size cap.
Rations & Hydration Corekit - #5
Included in Kit

Mountain House Pro-Pak Meals (3 Count - 2 Serving Pouches)

Pro-Pak two-serving each. entrees that are vacuum packed in convenient stand-up pouches. Simply tear open, pour in boiling or cold water, stir and then zip shut. In about 8 minutes (longer with cold water) enjoy a delicious meal right out of the pouch. Because they're vacuum packed, they fold up easily so you can fit more in your pack and they won't expand regardless of how high the elevation

Included in Kit

6 Count - Millennium Energy Ration Bars (400 Calories ech.)

These Millennium high energy bars are our most popular ration bars and are perfect for any out doors survival, hunting, camping, hiking and Prepping! Not only are they tasty and compact.

They come in a vacuum-sealed packages boasting 400 calorie size with a 5-year shelf life! This makes them perfect to keep the the car, backpack, purse also great for emergency kits and for hiking, camping and more.

Included in Kit

Included in Kit

3600 KCal Ration Bars (3,600 Calories)

The world's lightest and most compact survival food ration bar that fits into extremely limited storage areas. A compact, fortified, efficient, baked survival food ration specifically formulated to provide a balanced minimum daily diet with limited drinking water availability.

These low-thirst ration bars are specifically designed for personnel in life-threatening situations to sustain life until rescue or additional food is available. These ration bars are specifically designed for US Coast Guard and US Navy.

  • Approved by: U.S. Coast Guard
  • 5 year shelf life!
  • Space: 10% - 27% less space than other products
  • Weight: 10% - 19% less weight than other products
  • Water Use: Does NOT stimulate thirst.
  • Low Moisture: prevents freezing problems in extremely cold weather.
  • Suitable for: All age groups from infants through elderly. Can be eaten as is without any preparation. For infants, elderly, or injured people, can be mixed with liquids for drinking or mashed into a porridge
  • Dietary Standard: Complies with Halal and Vegetarian requirements.
Included in Kit
3 Piece GI Canteen Kit With Cover & Aluminum Cup

Rothco's Aluminum Canteen Kit includes Plastic, 1 quart canteen with cover and Aluminum cup with wing handle. This canteen set is ideal for any outdoor camping or survival situation. Having an aluminum cup is perfect for boiling water, mixing food or drinking from with the provided straw water filter.

Included in Kit
Emergency Drinking Water Tablets
Emergency Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets are intended for emergency disinfection of drinking water. When used as directed, they make most water bacteriologically suitable for drinking.  Not to be used on a continuous basis. For short term or limited emergency use. Treats up to 25 quarts.
  • Easy to use. No unpleasant taste
  • Iodine-based compound (no chlorine)
  • E.P.A. Reg. No. 79533-1-37257 
  • E.P.A. Est. No. 79533-WI-1
Included in Kit

1 Count - Sawyer 100,000 Gallon Water Filter

The Sawyer Mini is ideal for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, scouting, domestic and international travel, and emergency preparedness.This high performance Mini filter fits in the palm of your hand, weighs 2 ounces, and filters up to 100,000 gallons (30 times more than comparable filters). It attaches to the included drinking pouch, standard disposable water bottles; hydration packs, or use the straw to drink directly from your water source.

The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is a second generation filter that is the lightest and most versatile personal filtration system from Sawyer. With a total field weight of 2 ounces it fits in the palm of your hand. This tiny filter does the same job that the Sawyer PointONE filter does but now in a more compact, personal size. 

Filtering up to 100,000 gallons of water, this may be the last water filter that you buy. The Sawyer Mini filter is perfect for everything from camping with the kids to traveling abroad where tap and bottle water cannot be trusted. 

The filter removes 7 log (99.99999%) of all bacteria (like salmonella) as well as other harmful bacteria which causes cholera, and E. coli, and 6 log (99.9999%) of all protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium. These removal rates equal or exceed other filter options. EPA guidelines allow ten times more protozoa left in the water than Sawyer PointONE filters allow.

Tools & Blades Corekit - #5
Included in Kit

Included in Kit

SEAL Pup Nylon Sheath

Like its big brother, the Seal Pup has a partially serrated blade that is powder coated for low-reflection and corrosion resistance. Its lightweight, glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) handle features a raised diamond pattern for secure gripping in inclement weather. And like the Seal Knife, it carries conveniently in a multi-mounting tactical Nylon sheath.


- Product Type: Fixed Blade
- Lanyard Hole: Yes
- Lanyard Included: Yes
- Lanyard Material: Nylon
- Finish: Powder Coated
- Edge Type: Partially Serrated
- Blade Steel Type: AUS-8
- Blade Shape: Clip Point
- Spine Type: Straight
- Handle Material: Glass Reinforced Nylon
- Handle Color: Black
- Hardness: RC.57-58
- Sheath Included: Yes


- Overall Length: 9"
- Blade Length: 4.75"
- Blade Thickness: 0.19"
- Weight: 5.40 oz.
Included in Kit

Included in Kit

SOG Knives Entrenching Tool

A folding shovel can be an indispensable tool in today's constantly changing environment. One thing is known, when you need to move sand, dirt or snow you wish you had that shovel close at hand. SOG's all steel construction entrenching tool uses a tempered steel blade with teeth cut into it for cutting and slashing. The triangular handle is strong and fits the hand well. Folded, it takes up about the same space as a stack of paper plates. Which would you rather have?


- Product Type: Entrenching Tool
- Finish: Black Powder Coat
- Blade Steel: High Carbon Steel
- Blade Edge: Straight
- Handle Material: High Carbon Steel
- Handle Color: Black
- Sheath Included: Yes
- Sheath Color: Black
- Sheath Material: Ballistic Nylon
- Sheath Attachment: Belt Loop
- Sheath Closure: Hook and Loop


- Overall Length: 18.25"
- Weight: 24.50 oz.
Included in Kit

Included in Kit

SOGFari Machete

Machetes are one of the more useful edged tools in the world. They have cleared brush, and blazed trails, have chopped wood, made shelters, harvested crops, prepared meals, hunted and protected. Careful attention has been given to the SOGfari to make sure that the weight was right and the handles were comfortable for extended use.

Whip them through the air and hear them sing. SOG has added a real working saw on the back of the blades with teeth that cut deep. Extended out of the back of the handle is a spiked tang for pounding and scraping. There are even holes in the handle to mount lanyards. SOGfari... the go to tool for survival, exploration and adventure!


- Product Type: Fixed Blade
- Lanyard Hole: Yes
- Finish: Black Powder Coat
- Edge Type: Straight, Saw Back
- Blade Steel Type: 3CR13
- Blade Shape: Machete
- Spine Type: Saw
- Handle Material: Kraton
- Handle Color: Black
- Hardness: RC.52-53
- Sheath Included: Yes
- Sheath Color: Black
- Sheath Attachment Type: Belt Loop
- Sheath Closure Type: Hook and Loop
- Sheath Material: Ballistic Nylon


- Overall Length: 19"
- Blade Length: 13"
- Blade Thickness: 0.08"
- Weight: 13.10 oz.

Included in Kit

Included in Kit

SOG Knives Folding Saw

A saw is an essential piece of survival equipment. The longer the saw, the easier to use, but the harder to carry. SOG achieved a nice balance between the two. The Folding Saw has a 8.25" blade of hardened and tempered steel that makes short order of branches, small logs, and brush. A comfortable handle helps to cut deep and true on each and every pull stroke. The extremely sharp teeth are differentially tempered for long life and work on green as well as hard wood.


- Product Type: Saw
- Finish: Black Powder Coat
- Blade Steel: High Carbon Steel
- Blade Edge: Saw
- Handle Material: High Carbon Steel with Soft Grip TRP
- Handle Color: Black
- Sheath Included: Yes
- Sheath Color: Black
- Sheath Material: Ballistic Nylon
- Sheath Attachment: Belt Loop
- Sheath Closure: Hook and Loop


- Overall Length: 17.25"
- Blade Length: 8.25"
- Weight: 5.90 oz.
Included in Kit

Included in Kit

SOG Knives Hand Axe

A simple and genuine utilitarian design, the SOG Hand Axe... will perform as a wilderness back pack essential as well as a camp, truck and preparedness tool. SOG opted to include G10 scales on the handles... for a more aggressive grip. With enough weight to make short order of camp chores, SHAX also will not punish you when carrying on extended adventure trip.


- Product Type: Axe
- Finish: Black Oxide
- Blade Steel: 420 Stainless
- Blade Edge: Straight
- Hardness: RC.51-53
- Handle Material: G10
- Handle Color: Black
- Sheath Included: Yes
- Sheath Color: Black
- Sheath Material: Ballistic Nylon
- Sheath Attachment: Belt Loop
- Sheath Closure: Snap


- Overall Length: 11.1"
- Blade Length: 2.4"
- Weight: 18.60 oz.
Included in Kit

Stainless Steel Swiss Style Army Knife (Inside Survival Kit)

This tough Swiss Styled stainless steel knife is exactly what you need when you are bugging out on a budget. It comes with 11 handy tools that are sure to come in handy while setting up camp or trekking through the woods. Tools include:

  • large knife blade
  • can opener
  • scissors
  • saw
  • file
  • fish scaler/hook disgorge
  • awl
  • hole punch
  • corkscrew
  • Philips screwdriver
  • bottle opener/screwdriver
  • toothpick
  • tweezers
Included in Kit

Sharpening Stone Description

This dual sharpening stone offers a combination of fine and coarse textures for sharpening knives and other blades.


- Coarse side repairs damage and adds a rough edge
- Fine side polishes the edge for a razor sharp finish
- Will provide years of consistent sharpening performance


- Size: 4" L x 1" W x 0.4" D
- Weight: 2.2 oz.
- Color: Gray
Lights & Energy Corekit - #5
Included in Kit

Fenix Flashlights - 960 Lumen Fenix UC Series

Fenix UC30 rechargeable flashlight combines high intensity with reliable Micro-USB charging in a go-anywhere size. Featuring 960-lumen maximum output from a single 18650 battery, the flashlight offers five outputs including strobe mode to cover from daily use to outdoor and professional use. The UC30 is rechargeable with the Sunjack Solar charging kit as well.

- Cree XM-L2 (U2) LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
- Uses one 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or two 3V CR123ALithium batteries
- Micro-USB charging
- 130mmx25.4mm(5.1''×1'' )
- 126-gram weight (4.4 oz) excluding battery
- Digitally regulated output - maintains constant brightness
- Low-voltage warning function to remind you to replace the battery
- Reverse polarity protection guards against improper battery installation
- Over-heat protection to avoid high-temperature of the surface
- Anti-roll, slip-resistant body design
- Side switch on the head for output selection
- Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
- Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
- Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Included in Kit

Included in Kit

Included in Kit

Included in Kit

Included in Kit

Included in Kit

SunJack 14W Solar Charging Kit (Recently Upgraded from 7watts)

  • SUNJACK 14 Watt Portable Solar Charger with dual 2 Amp USB output ports
  • SUNJACK 8000 mAH Qualcomm 2.0 Quickcharge Battery Pack
  • SUNJACK CampLight USB Bulb
  • SUNJACK USB Rechargeable HeadLamp
  • SUNJACK Fast-Charge Cable 
  • SUNJACK Carabiners 
  • Quickstart Guide 

SunJack helps operators stay charged on the go anywhere the sun shines. SunJack is able to fully charge the 8000mAh Ultraslim Fast Charge Battery pack in about five hours of direct sunlight, and holds enough juice for 4 smartphones or 1 tablet. SunJack is compatible with most mobile phones, iPad/tablets, USB lights, digital cameras, MP3 players, and portable gaming devices.

Technical Specifications
Solar panels: 14 watts of high efficiency mono-crystalline
Max output voltage/current: One 5V/1.5A USB port
Battery: 8,000mAh lithium-polymer battery ~ 5 hours
Unit Size folded: 9" x 6.5" x 1.75" (23cm x 16.5cm x 4.5cm) - similar to an iPad.
Unit Size unfolded: 9" x 31" x 1" (23cm x 79cm x 2.5cm)
Unit Weight: 1.75 / 0.8 (lbs/kg)
Packaging Dimension: 10.5" x 8.5' x 2" (27cm x 22cm x 5.1cm)

8000mAh Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Battery 

  •  2A micro-usb input, 5V, 2A USB output + 5V, 2A/9V, 1.67A USB output
  •  Qualcomm certified quick charge QC2.0 technology, reduce charging time by up to 75%
  •  Quick Charge 2.0 Compatible Models: Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, Edge, Note 4/5, Note Edge,  Nexus 6, LG V10, G4, G Flex2, Moto Droid Turbo, HTC One M9, Sony Xperia Z4 and more
  •  Includes fast-charge micro-USB cable
  •  Built in LED light
  •  Compatible with all phones, tablets, cameras, and other USB devices.
  •  Certifications: CE, RoHS
  •  Battery: 8000mAh Capacity
  •  Charge cycles: 1,000
  •  Capacity: 8,000mAh 


CampLight USB Bulb - (Plugs Into SunJack 4,000mAh lithium-polymer battery)

· Super bright 8 LED USB light bulb
· 340 lumens, equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb
· 7 foot long USB cord
· 270 degree beam angle
· Powered by any USB source

This 4 Watt USB LED bulb is super bright and ultra portable at just over 3.5 ounces. A fraction of the weight and size of traditional heavy lanterns, use it for camping, reading, or any task that requires an even distribution of light. Highly durable – shatter, shock, and vibration resistant. Will fully illuminate a tent at night. Power it from any standard USB source – compatible with all USB wall plugs, USB batteries, and laptops.

USB Rechargeable HeadLamp

The SunJack LightWeight Headlamp is a comfortable, rechargeable, multi-use, hands-free light. It can be used indoors and out, at home or on the road. It contains 6 variations of white light and one solid red function.

Technical Specifications

• Battery Capacity: 900mAh
• NiMH: 1.2V
• Unit Dimension: 9in” x 9in” x 2” (22.86cm x 22.86cm x 5.08cm)
• Unit Weight: 6oz / 170.1g
• Packaging Dimension: 9.75” 9.75x “ x 2.25” (24.77cm x 24.77cm x 5.72cm)
• Charging Time: 2.5 hours
• What is in the box: SunJack HeadLamp Body, Headband, 3 AAA Rechargable SunJack Batteries.

Included in Kit

Flashlight with Am/Fm Radio, Siren, and Cell Phone Charger

Product Description: State of the art dynamo 4 in 1 flashlight with 3 bright LEDs, Am/Fm radio, emergency siren, and cell phone charging capabilities with an adapter. The high efficiency dynamo system allows one minute of winding to create enough power for 1 LED to last an hour and a half or 3 LEDs to last for 30 minutes.

Winding for 3 minutes will give your cell phone 2-8 minutes of talk time. Great tool for every home, automobile, RV, boat, office, and school. Never needs batteries. Dimensions: 7.5" x 2.3" x 2.3"

Editor's Note: I have taken some ribbing from a few of my fellow survivalist for including this all in one tool in our high-end bug out bags. Let me first put my cards on the table: this is not a great flashlight as compared to our other light sources, its not a great radio either, and it takes a whole lot of cranking to charge a phone.

That being said, it adds $11 bucks to the cost of this bag and you HAVE a radio that never needs batteries, you HAVE a light that never needs batteries and you HAVE a way to charge your cell phone. The way I see it, for $11, it would be negligent of me to not include one of these in every bag. Even if you have our solar rechargeable kit, this is a light that works on cloudy and overcast days.

And to that, I have had one that has been in use for well over a year (it's actually it's in my son's Boy Scout pack, it gets used quite often) and it's going strong, they're pretty tough.

Shelter & Warmth Corekit - #5
Included in Kit

SOL Emergency Bivvy Description (LARGE)

The same ultra-light, ultra-warm full protection shelter that professionals rely on, now sized for 2 people. The Survive Outdoors Longer 2-Person Emergency Bivvy is made from the same heat-reflective polyethylene as Adventure Medical Kit's world-famous emergency blankets (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you).

It also has the added benefit of being fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can get inside. If you and your partner are forced to spend the unexpected night outdoors, both of you can hop in the Survive Outdoors Longer 2-Person Emergency Bivvy as soon as the temperature drops and instantly improve the odds in your favor.

- Full Protection: Sealed on the sides for full protection from rain, wind, and snow.
- Legendary Durability: Heatsheets material is waterproof and windproof.
- Stay Warm: Reflects 90% of radiated body heat.
- Sized for two people.

- Size: 84" x 60"
- Weight: 5.8 oz


SOS Food Rations 2400 Kcal

SOS Food Rations 2400 Kcal

Snugpak - Ionosphere Tactical Tent

The main reason we use these tent is because the Ionosphere,™ by Snugpak, is an extremely durable and compact 1 person tent. The Ionosphere™ has a very low profile and with used in conjunction with the tarps and ground mat is a perfect 4 season shelter. The Ionosphere™ has a 5000mm PU Coated Fly. The Ionosphere™ has a single entry point, No-See-Um-Mesh and all seams are seam taped.

Trail Weight 2.64 lbs
Pack Weight 3.34 lbs
Pack size 17"L X 5.25"D

  • Flysheet is a lightweight 210t Polyester RipStop pu with a 5000mm waterproof polyurethane coating
  • Inner Tent constructed of 190t Nylon with Polyester Mesh
  • 50D Polyester No-See-Um-Mesh Mosquito Net
  • DAC Featherlite NSL anodized poles with pressfit connectors
  • All DAC Poles are made from TH72M aluminum
  • 1 Door
  • All seams are taped sealed
  • Alloy Stakes (14 + 2 Spare Stakes)
  • Comes with a Basic Repair Kit - repairs can be made on the move
Included in Kit

Crescent Lake +20° Regular Kiwi/Green

The Crescent Lake series sleeping bags are made with Techloft+ insulation. Techloft+ Insulation consists of multi-hole staple-length micro-denier fibers that have a siliconized finish for maximum insulation, loft, and compactness. The Crescent Lake uses a 2-layer offset construction, sometimes called a "bag within a bag." The contoured hood and mummy shape helps seal up your warmth and keep you warmer. The Crescent Lake is a great backpacking sleeping bag to take along on your hikes that won't take up all the space in your pack.

- TechLoft+ - 2 Layer Offset
- Insulated Chest Baffle
- Zipper Baffle
- Contoured Hood
- Standard Stuff Sack Included

- Outer Material: 210T Polyester
- Outer Color: Kiwi/Green
- Liner Material: 210T Polyester
- Liner Color: Black
- Shape: Mummy
- Zipper: #8 Separating
- Length: Regular
- Dimensions: 32" x 80"
- Fill Weight: 60 oz.
- Total Weight: 3 lb. 12 oz.

Included in Kit

Alps Mountaineering Foam Mat Regular The Regular

Add an ALPS Mountaineering foam mat to the bottom of your sleeping bag to improve the level of comfort. The foam mats are all extremely lightweight so you won't be hauling along too much extra weight on your next hike, but will be adding enough padding to make a noticeable difference in how well you sleep at night. The textured foam insulates to keep you warmer and also keeps the mat from sliding around. Each foam mat comes with straps so when you're finished, you can roll it up and easily transport and store it.

- Very Lightweight
- Protects and Insulates
- Dense Closed Cell Textured Foam
- Easily Rolls Up for Packing
- Textured Surface for Less Sliding Around

- Regular Size
- .375" thick foam
- Weight: 9 oz
- Dimensions (Unrolled): 20" x 72" x .375"

Included in Kit

PE 6' x 8' Camouflage Tarp

Protect yourself and your equipment from the elements with the Texsport Rip Stop Tarp made from heavy gauge polyethylene. With double stitching to prevent fray and rust proof eyelets for durability, the tarp helps avoid detection with its camouflage finish and olive green reverse. Each side is laminated for a hermetic seal against moisture.

- Size: 6' x 8'
- Heavy-gauge polyethylene laminated on both sides
- Camouflage pattern on one side and O.D. on reverse side
- Double stitched
- Rust-proof eyelets
- PVC bag/insert

Included in Kit

Ultimate Survival Technologies All-Weather Rain Suit

Be prepared to weather the elements with our UST All-Weather Rain Suit. The 100% waterproof jacket includes a storm flap for extra protection and also features a vented back for breathability. To ensure the perfect fit, the matching pants come with a stretch waist and snap cuffs.

- Unisex
- Constructed of durable PVC material
- Drawstring-adjustable hood on jacket
- Front cargo pockets on jacket

- Size: X-Large
- Jacket Size: Length: 32 and Chest: 58
- Pants Size: Waist: 36-52 and Inseam: 32
- Color: Gray

Included in Kit

Ultimate Survival Technologies Lightweight Dry Bag - 5L, Orange

UST Lightweight Dry Bag will keep your valuables safe from moisture with this PVC coated polyester, water-resistant dry bag. These are lighter and less expensive than a camo pack cover. The Condor 125 is pretty water tight, however, simply keep all the items that MUST stay dry in this Dry Bag inside your pack. Use one of the tarps or contractor bag for your pack at night.

- Easy-to-use, quick-release buckle for one-handed opening
- Rounded base fits more gear
- D-ring for securing the bag

- Size: 5L
- Dimensions Flat: 14” x 11”
- Weight: 2.6 oz
- Color: Orange

Included in Kit

2ct Body Warmers

The Hand & Body Warmer Pack offers 10 large Body Warmers as a convenient grab-n-go warmer pack for family outings, camping weekends or tailgate parties. Large Body Warmers last 20+ hours and are ideal for sleeping bags, coat pockets, back wraps, and any place where soothing heat is desired. Keep handy in luggage, car, or gear bags for anytime use. 

- Height: 6"
- Width: 9"
- Depth: 2.5"
- Weight: 1 lb. 6 oz
Included in Kit

4ct Small Hand Warmers

The Heat Factory warmer is a soft, light-weight pouch containing an inert mixture of iron powder, charcoal, salt, water and vermiculite. When exposed to air, a natural exothermic reaction generates consistent and prolonged heat. The pouch is made of soft cloth lined with a very thin layer of porous plastic for maximum durability. The warmers are odorless, non-toxic and air-activated.


- Height: 2.25"
- Width: 3.5"
- Depth: .25"
- Weight: .20 oz.
Included in Kit

EFA Emergency Hypothermia Blanket

Made of polyester material designed from insulation used in space exploration. Retains 90% of body heat. Emergency protection in all weather conditions. Waterproof, windproof, will not crack, mildew or shrink.

  • Size: 53" x 82"
  • Folded for compact storage and transport
  • Polyethylene reflects body heat back to the body
Included in Kit

Heavy-Duty Waterproof Pouch 5" x 7"

This waterproof pouch features a Velcro closure and is made of strong vinyl.

  1. After enclosing your items in the pouch. use the seams as a guide to fold over the top of the pouch three times.
  2. If folded properly, the two hook-and-loop strips will be aligned and facing each-other.
  3. Firmly press the hook-and-loop strips together to seal the pouc
  4. Intended to keep gear dry in conditions such as rain, heavy dews, spray or splashing.
  5. Properly closed it will also keep water out in a quick immersion.
  6. Made of strong vinyl this pouch is perfect for keeping maps and fire starters safe from rain.
  7. Strong vinyl pouch with hook and loop Velcro closure
  8. Size: 5" x 7"

Included in Kit

1ct - Contractor's 42-Gallon Plastic Outdoor Trash Bag

The uses for this extra large and extra strong contractor's garbage bag are virtually countless. It can be used as a bear-bag, pack cover, dry bag, water collection, ground tarp, top tarp ... literally endless uses.

  • Strongest bag available
  • Easy-to-use flap tie closure
  • 32.75-in x 45.125-in x 3 mil
  • Black color
Included in Kit

Large All Purpose Warm Duty Gloves

Rothco's Duty gloves are perfect for law enforcement and military operators and feature a moisture wicking Polyester Spandex fabric, Leather palm & fingers for grip and durability, finger and knuckle patches, elastic cuff with hook & loop wrist closure.

These gloves have extra Patches On Palm And Finger Tips For Added Protection. Material Specs: .7-8MM Thick Leather Palm, 5MM Thick Open Cell Foam Laminated with Polyester Spandex. The large size will fit almost all adult hands.

First Aid & Hygiene Corekit - #5
Included in Kit

Military Platoon MOLLE Trauma Kit- FA181

The New Platoon First Aid Kit comes in a medic pouch, with M.O.L.L.E. straps in the back. The kit comes is available in tan, OD & Black..

  • 2 - Bandage Gauzes - 4" x 4 yds
  • 3 - Antiseptic BZK Wipes
  • 3 - Alcohol Wipes
  • 3 - Iodine Wipes
  • 3 - Clean Wipes
  • 2 - Gauze Pads - 4' x 4"
  • 2 - Elastic Bandage - 2"
  • 1 - Pressure Bandage - 3"
  • 1 - Pill Bottle
  • 16 - Bandage Strips - 1" x 3"
  • 2 - Latex Examination Gloves (pair)
  • 2 - Adhesive Tape Rolls
  • 10 - Pain Relievers 10
  • 1 - Ice Pack
  • 3 - Abdominal Pads - 5" x 9"
  • 2 - Bulkee-II Super Sponges
  • 2 - First Aid Cream Packages
  • 1 - Scissors
  • 1 - Tweezers
  • 1 - Lip Treatment
  • 1 - EFA FIrst Aid Book
Included in Kit

QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge 25g

Adventure Medical QuikClot Sport Advanced Clotting Sponge 25g (5020-0019)

QuikClot Sport Advanced Clotting Sponge - 25g is made using a chemically inert material that has been deigned to speed coagulation of blood, resulting inimage a stable clot that helps stop bleeding. This First Aid Sponge from QuikClot uses QuikClot Sport Zeolite Beads that are contained in a sterile, non-adherent mesh bag so that it can be easily applied and also easily and cleanly removed from the wound by professional medical providers.

QuikClot Sport Advanced Clotting Sponges are safe to use and have a low heat formula that will not burn the skin. Leave QuikClot in place until more advanced medical help arrives. Each package contains one 3.5" x 3.5" (25g) bag of the QuikClot Sport 25g Advanced Clotting Sponge.

Included in Kit

Potassium Iodide (IOSAT)

Each standard package of IOSAT contains a strip of 14 tablets, with each tablet containing 130 mg of potassium iodide. The tablets are double scored to split easily and cleanly into 65 mg and 32.5 mg child doses. All IOSAT is fully FDA approved for thyroid blocking in a radiation emergency.

Included in Kit

Coghlans Packed Toilet Paper 2pk

  • Individually wrapped rolls do not contain a core, thereby keeping weight and bulk to a minimum
  • Toilet paper is biodegradable
  • Each roll contains 140 single-ply 4.5 x 4.4 in. sheets
  • Package includes 2 rolls
Included in Kit

Coghlans Snake Bite Kit

A complete, compact kit for the treatment of snake bites using the constrictor/suction method. Kit Contains: detailed instructions, 3 pliable suction cups, easy-to-use with one hand lymph constrictor, scalpel, and antiseptic swab. There are three different suction cups included; each shaped to fit different contours of the body, so that no matter where a person might have been bitten, they will be able to get a proper, airtight seal around the wound with the suction cup

Included in Kit

Coghlan's Footcare Kit

One of the most common injuries to hikers and survivalists is foot ailments. For this reason we hace included a very handy moleskin footcare kit that protects feet from painful pinching, rubbing or blisters.

Included in Kit

Personal Hygiene Kit:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, 8 wetnaps, bar of soap, .34 oz shampoo and conditioner, dental floss pick, .25 oz hand and body lotion, deodorant gel, twin blade razor, 5" black comb, 4 maxipads, shaving cream packet, and washcloth.

Included in Kit

Ben's 30 Tick & Insect Repellent

Ben's 30 Tick & Insect Repellent offers protection from ticks and insects that may carry West Nile Virus (WNV), Lyme disease, Malaria, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and other infectious diseases. Providing up to 8 hours of effective protection, Ben's 30's unique formula is made to evaporate slowly - so repellent stays on longer with little absorption into the skin.

  • TSA Compliant: The largest bottle available for carry on luggage when your adventures take you out of town
  • Handy Pump Spray: The most popular delivery system on the market makes it easy to apply
  • CDC-Recommended Formula: 30% DEET is the minimum % recommended to guard against diseases transmitted by insects
  • The Best Deet Formula for your Skin: Water-based formula stays on skin's surface rather than being absorbed
  • Fragrance Free: Smell the great outdoors, not your repellent
Included in Kit

Mosquito Head Net - No-See-Um

Made of ultra fine mesh to keep almost every insect out. Fits over most headwear. Elasticized at the neck for a snug fit. Why a mosquito net? The world's most dangerous animal on the planet is the mosquito. It has killed more people in the past, and continues to, than all other animals added up. When you are bugging out a blood borne illness will most likely kill you unless you seek medical attention

Included in Kit

NIOSH N95 Respirator Particle Mask

These particulate respirators filter out many chemicals. They are recommended for use against a pandemic (bird flu). They are NIOSH approved. They are not the very basic nuisance dust masks many use for survival kits.

Survival Corekit - #5
Included in Kit

Included in Kit

Survivalist Multi-Piece Survival Kit / Water Bottle

This waterproof survival kit, built specifically by the instructors at Survivalist 10, contains the following items sealed in a waterproof water bottle.

  • 1 - 6 in 1 compass, thermometer, flashlight, whistle, magnifying glass & mirror
  • 2 - Emergency Candles
  • 1 - Snare Wire
  • 1 - Flint with stryker
  • 1 - Signal mirror
  • 1 - Wire saw
  • 1 - Multifunctional Swiss Styled knife
  • 5 - Pop-up towels (wet&expand)
  • 1 - Sewing kit
  • Matches, wind & waterproof
  • 1 - Fishing kit (Fresh Water)
  • 2 - Light Duty Plastic ties
  • 1 - Zip dry-bag

Included in Kit

GI Aluminum Mess Kit w/ Eating Utensils

100% Aluminium GI styled mess kit. - The exact type of mess kit carried by Army soldiers for decades in the military. Tipping the scales at about a pound, you won't even notice that you're carrying it. Kit includes a Tex-Sport Stainless Steel Chow Utensil Kit that is wrapped in a vinyl carrying case to keep noise to a minimum.

Included in Kit

Cook Set, Black Ice The Scouter H. A. QT Description

The Texsport Scouter Cook Set is a classic in camping cookware and makes enjoying a home-cooked meal outside a breeze. This Texsport Cookware Set features a 7" fry pan with folding stay-cool wire handles for added safety. The Texsport Cookware Set also includes 1 quart and 1-1/2 quart cook pots with lids and a mesh carrying and storage bag that allows for easy transport.

- Hard anodization process alters and hardens structure of cookware surface making it abrasion resistant
- Twice as hard as stainless steel
- Combines the best attributes of a hard surface treatment and the even heat transfer of aluminum
- Lightweight and durable
- Combined with triple coat Quantum2 non-stick interior surface this cookware makes for easy cleaning and healthy cooking

Set nests together containing:
- 7" fry pan with folding "stay cool" wire handles
- 1 quart and 1-1/2 quart cook pots with lids and "stay cool" wire handles
- Mesh carry/storage bag

Included in Kit

Pack Stove w/ Solid Fuel Tablets

Light, strong and compact. Requires no liquids, no priming, no wick and no pressure – the ideal emergency stove. The Folding Stove with Fuel Tablets allows you to do some light cooking on the go or have a small heat source in an emergency. Light and compact; easily fits into a backpack or emergency kit. 8 fuel tablets included. Additional fuel tablets also available.

Included in Kit

Coghlans's - Steel Constructed Pack Grill

- Folds flat for easy storage or packing.
- Made from a chrome plated steel construction.
- Grill surface: 12 1/2 x 6-1/2 (32 x 17 cm)

Included in Kit

Lensatic Military Style Marching Compass

This is a classic military-style lensatic sighting compass. Heavy-duty construction and a long-straight side allow for easy use with a map. It's liquid dampened and features luminous points.

  • Rugged metal case 
  • Weight: 3.3 oz 
  • Lensatic sighting 
  • Straight edge for use with map 
  • Liquid dampened 
  • 2° graduations 
  • Luminous points 
  • Painted metal body
Included in Kit

Magnesium Fire Starter

This Magnesium fire starter adds redundancy to the flint striker, wind and storm proof matches and lighter already included. A must for every field trip. The fire starter uses magnesium, a flame source of 5400°F (2982°C). One fire starter should provide sufficient shavings to start hundreds of fires

Included in Kit

WetFire Tinder 8-pack Description

WetFire Tinder is a universal lighting material that is safe, lightweight, and easy to carry. Guaranteed to light in windy or wet conditions and only requires a small amount of tinder to build a fire.

- Extinguishes instantly
- Cubed-tinders are individually packed to maintain freshness
- Will burn longer when wet or moist
- Great for use in combination with any UST sparking device
- 5-year shelf life

- Size: .75 H x .75 W x .5 D
- Weight Per Cube: 0.16 oz
- Color: White
- Quantity: 8

Included in Kit

50' Feet of 550 pound Polyester Paracord

Made of 100% heavy duty polyester. 550 pound tested tension strength. 7 strand core. 5/32" diameter.

  • Lashing items to vehicles or packs
  • Ascending or descending slopes
  • Building wind breaks or supplemental shelters using sheeting or Tarps
  • Hanging food or other "bear bait" up in a tree
  • Clothes drying line
  • Slings for injured limbs
  • Compression for wound care
  • Snares and traps
  • Shoelaces, belts and suspenders
  • Fishing line (internal strands)
  • Sewing thread (internal strands)
  • Temporary vehicle fan belt
  • Replacement zipper pull tabs
  • The list goes on and on.
Included in Kit

Emergency Field Sewing Kit

Losing a button or a zipper isn't really that big of a deal, unless you are in the middle of the wilderness. With this emergency sewing kit you will be set for any tent, sleeping bag or garment problems that arise. Contains: 150’ (45 m) of thread in an assortment of colors, 8 buttons, 2 snaps, 5 safety pins, 2 straight pins, 5 needles, a needle threader, thimble and scissors.

Included in Kit

Flat-Packed Duct Tape with peel off backing

Fits anywhere – in your pocket, pack, first aid kit, toolbox and wallet. Customize the length to what you need – the removable backing keeps the duct tape fresh and ready to use anytime.

Included in Kit

Emergency CD with 50 + Survival / Army PDF Manuals

These manuals are perfect for printing and reading. There's no better time to prepare for an emergency than before it happens. We suggest you scan these manuals an pre-print the sections that you feel will be the most beneficial to your situation. Manuals included:

  • US Army - Survival Manual
  • US Army, Navy, Air Force - First Aid Manual 4
  • Marine, Army, Air Force - Survival Evasion Recovery 
  • Urban Combat - Department of the Army
  • Emergency War Surgery - NATO
  • Where There Is No Dentist - Murray Dickson
  • Army Ranger Handbook
Included in Kit

10 Heavy Duty Zip Ties

Sometimes it's the least likely thing that becomes invaluable when you're out in the field. Zip ties can ...

  • Secure tent shell to poles
  • Attach items to your vehicle or pack
  • Temporarily fix buckles or other attachment points
  • Fix snapped zipper pulls
  • Secure zipper pulls together to "lock" a bag against the unprepared thief
  • Plastic bag closure/seal
Included in Kit

Full Sized Bic Lighter

So many survival kits overlook this one basic essential. Sure, everyone throws in the magnesium or flint striker fire starters, but why go to the trouble if you can simply flick your bic! We include one of these in every survival kit that we sell. It's kind of a no-brainer ...

Additional Image Link - 7:

Brand Name

Brand Name:
Ultimate Bug Out Bags

Bug Out Bag Features

Best Use/ Type:
  • Long Range Patrol Bags
Class / Pack Setup:
  • Zulu Class
Equipment Level:
  • Equipment Level 5
Backpack Used:
  • Eberlestock
Pack Weight:
Space to Customize:
  • Fair Amount of Space
Food & Ration Calories:
  • Eberlestock 44 Terminator 4100ci
  • 2L Eberleystock Hydration Sys
  • 3' Nylon Sleeping Bag Straps
  • Eberlestock 2 Liter Accessory Pouch
  • Emb.USA Flag Patch
  • Emb.UBB Brand Patch
  • Sawyer - 100,000g Water Filter
  • 6ct. New Millennium Energy Bars
  • 3ct. Mountain House 2 serv ProPaks
  • SOS 3600 Kcal Ration Bars
  • Canteen w/ Cover & Aluminium Cup
  • Drinking Water Tablets 50ct
  • SOG Knives Seal Pup
  • SOG Knives Entrenching Tool
  • SOG Knives SOGFari Machete
  • SOG Knives - Folding Saw
  • SOG Knives Hand Axe
  • Whet Rock Sharpening Stone
  • Flashlight with Am/Fm Radio,Phone Charger
  • Fenix UC30 960 Lumen Rechargeable flashlight
  • SunJack USB Rechargeable Healamp
  • USB Solar Powered CampLight
  • 8000mAh Ultraslim Fast Charge Battery
  • SunJack 14W Folding Solar Panel
  • SOL LARGE Waterproof Bivvy
  • Emergency Hypothermia Blanket
  • Alps Mountaineering +20° Mummy Bag
  • Tex Sport Tarp, Camouflage 6' x 8'
  • 42-Gallon Contractor Trash Bag
  • UST 5 Liter Dry Bag, Orange
  • Coghlans Waterproof Pouch 5" x 7"
  • SnugPak - Ionosphere Tactical Tent
  • UST - Adult All-Weather Rain Suit
  • Warm GI Duty Gloves
  • 2 ct - Warm GI Duty Gloves
  • ALPS Foam Insulating Ground Mat Regular
  • 2ct. Large Body Warmers
  • EFA FA181 MOLLE Platoon Trauma Kit
  • NIOSH N95 Respirator Mask
  • Deluxe Hygiene Kit
  • Foot Care Kit
  • Snake Bite Kit
  • Ben's Bug Spray
  • Mosquito Net No See-Um
  • QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge 25g
  • Toilet Tissue- pkg of 2
  • Potassium Iodide (IOSAT)
  • Compact Multi-Piece Survival Kit
  • Data CD Army 50+ Survival Manuals
  • 8'' 1000ct Cable Ties
  • Full Size Bic Regular Lighter
  • Flat-Packed Duct Tape
  • 7 Strand 550 lb Parachute Cord 50'
  • Magnesium Fire Starter
  • UST WetFire Tinder 8-pack
  • Field Sewing Kit
  • Tex Sport Compass, Marching - Metal
  • Pack Stove & Fuel Tablets
  • Aluminum Mess Kit
  • Chow Kit (Utensils)
  • Pack Grill
  • Scouter Black Ice Cook Set
Shelter Options - May Ship Separately
Ration Upgrades - May Ship Separately
Packs & Pouch Corekit (Click Images to Enlarge)
Alpha + Bravo Delta Echo Sierra Ultra Zulu














Rations & Hydration Corekit
Feature Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
SOS - 12ct Purified Drinking Water (1.5L)
SOS - Emergency Rations 3600 Kcal
6ct SOS - New Millennium Energy Bars
3 - Mountain House ProPaks
Sawyer - 100,000g Water Filter
Aquamira Water Bottle Filter
LifeStraw Personal Straw Filter
Drinking Water Tablets 50ct
Canteen w/ Cover & Aluminium Cup
Tools & Blades Corekit
Feature Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
SOG Knives Fielder Lockblade
SOG Knives Seal Revolver
SOG Knives Seal Pup
SOG Knives Entrenching Tool
SOGFari Machete Machete
SOG Knives - Folding Saw
SOG Knives Hand Axe
Whet Rock Sharpening Stone
Lights & Energy Corekit
Feature Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Crank Flashlight w/ Radio, Phone Charger
Rothco 9 Bulb Headlamp
Streamlight 45 Lumen MicroStream Black
Streamlight - Enduro Headlamp Headlamp
Fenix 960-Lumen USB Chargeable Flashlight
UST 30-Day Lantern Titanium
SunJack 14W Solar Panel
8000mAh Ultraslim Fast Charge Battery
USB Solar Powered CampLight
SunJack USB Rechargeable Healamp
Shelter & Warmth Corekit
Feature Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
SOL Regular Waterproof Bivvy
SOL LARGE Waterproof Bivvy
Emergency Two Person Tube Tent
Adult Size Poncho OD
UST - B.A.S.E. Tube Tarp Tent
SnugPak - Ionosphere Tactical Tent
Tex Sport Tarp, Camouflage 6' x 8'
Adult All-Weather Rain Suit
Lightweight Dry Bag - 5L, Orange
Waterproof Document Pouch 5" x 7"
42-Gallon Contractor Trash Bag
Emergency Hypothermia Blanket
4ct - Small Hand Warmers
2ct - Large Body Warmers
Leather Palm Work Gloves
Warm GI Duty Gloves
GI Wool Survival Blanket
Alps Mtn. Crescent Lake +20° Mummy Bag
ALPS Foam Ground Insulating Mat
First Aid & Hygiene Corekit
Feature Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Waterproof 8 Person Survival Kit
FA-181 MOLLE Platoon Trauma Kit
NIOSH N95 Respirator Dust Mask
Deluxe Hygiene Kit
Foot Care Kit
Toilet Tissue- pkg of 2
Snake Bite Kit
Ben's Bug Spray
Mosquito Net No See-Um
Potassium Iodide (IOSAT)
QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge 25g
Stainless Steel Surgical kit
Loperamide 2 mg 200 ct
Survival Corekit
Feature Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Compact Multi-Piece Survival Kit
6-1 compass, thermometer, flashlight
Snare Wire
Flint Fire Starter with striker
Signal mirror
Wire saw
Multifunctional knife
5 - Pop-up towels
Needle & Thread
Matches, wind & waterproof
Fishing kit (Line, Bobber, Hooks)
Waterproof Zip-bag
Data CD Army 50 Military/Survival Manuals
8'' 1000ct Heavy Duty Cable Ties
Full Size Bic Regular Lighter
Flat-Packed Duct Tape
7 Strand 550 lb Parachute Cord 50'
Magnesium Fire Starter
UST WetFire Tinder 8-pack
Field Sewing Kit
Military Marching Compass - Metal
Pack Stove & Fuel Tablets
Aluminum Mess Kit
Chow Kit (Utensils)
Stainless Steel Pack Grill
Scouter Black Ice Cook Set
BCB Salt Water Fishing Kit
Floating 100 Foot Trotline
Berkley - PowerBait Dough Bait
Eagle Claw - Fish Spear 4 Prong
3 - Small Game Snares (Buckshot’s)
3 - Medium Game Snares (Buckshot’s)
1 - Camlock Snare (Buckshot’s)
1 - Additional Snare Wire
Small Camo Bag (Holds Snares)
Buckshot’s Trapping DVD Volume 1
The Complete Guide To Edible Plants
Floating 100 Foot Trotline

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