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XMRE - BLUE LINE - CASE OF 12 (1,000 – 1,200 Calories Ech)

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The xmre blue line provides 1,000 to 1,200 calories of high quality shelf stable components. All components are fully cooked so they can be eaten right out of the pouch. The xmre blue line has been specifically engineered to meet the critical requirements of government institutions, medical facilities, educational institutions, municipal entities, public service entities, and emergency preparedness programs.

Entrée: Variety of beef, chicken, pork or vegetarian options. 
Bread Item: Crackers, breads or tortillas. 
Spread: Peanut butter, cheese spread, fruit jellies, fruit jams or others 
Snack: Nut raisin mix, dry fruit mix, corn nuggets or others. 
Side: Wet packed fruit, side dishes, bars or others. 
Dessert: Puddings, pound cakes, brownies, dessert cookies or others. 
Beverage: Single or assorted fruit flavored drink mixes or others available. 
Beverage Bag: Hot beverage bag 
Accessory Kit Includes: Spoon, napkin, salt, pepper and moist towelette.

Brand Name

Brand Name:

Food Storage Features

Time Estimates:
Short Term
Shelf Life:
3-5 Years
Food / Package Type:
  • MRE & Rations
  • High-Density Bag
Bucket /Box Count:
Pouch/ Can Count:
MRE Calories Per Meal:
MRE's Per Case:
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Why Buy Calories vs. Servings

How often do you eat the recommended servings on the food that you prepare right now? If you're like me, not very often. So, it goes to reason, if you buy your emergency food storage by the serving, should you ever need it, someone is going on a diet, or you are going to burn through your food preps much quicker than you had anticipated.

Think about this, when you go grocery shopping, do you buy food based on how many servings each product has, or do you buy the amount of food that your family actually eats?

How many calories do you eat each day? The FDA bases all of their nutrition recommendations on a 2000 calorie per day diet. So why do the Survival Food Producers and our competitors offer their pre-packaged food packages based on an average of 1300 calories a day? Simple, it makes the food packages seem less expensive and helps them sell more food packages.

How Does this Work?

If Dad eats 2000 calories a day, Mom eats 1800 and little Susie eats 1400, your family has a daily caloric intake of 5200 calories. If you were to buy a package that is advertised to last "one month", based on serving counts, your family may actually only be protected for ten to fifteen days, unless they eat the "recommended serving sizes" determined by the food producer.

So, if you want to make sure that you and your family is solidly protected for one month, and is eating the same amount of food that they are accustomed to each day, all you need to do is to calculate the family's daily caloric intake with our Calorie Calculator to the left. <<<<

Simply put in the estimated daily caloric intake for each person in the calculator, add the number of days that you would like to be protected, then shop for meal packages that contain the total amount of calories that are needed to feed your family. It's that simple.

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