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Sopakco - Sure Pak - 12ct (900 – 1250 Calories Ech)

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Each Sure-Pak 12 Meal case contains 12 individual meal kits—two each of six menus— which may include vegetarian options. Each meal kit contains an entrée, side dish, dessert item, cracker or wheat bread and spread, beverage powder, and a condiment pack with a spoon, napkin, wet nap, salt, pepper, coffee, creamer and sugar.

  • Manufactured in 2016-17, check bottom of case for date code starting with 5
  • No refrigeration required with up to a 5 year shelf life-when stored at 70 degree's. Higher temps reduce shelf life. Do not freeze
  • 12 Meals per case- 2 each of 6 flavors. All Made in the USA
  • Waterproof packaging for each meal- Great for emergency kits!
  • Includes Flameless Ration Heater

Sure-Pak 12 menus vary and can include these favorites:

  • Beef Ravioli
  • Beef Stew
  • Cheese Omelet with Vegetables
  • Cheese Tortellini
  • Chili Macaroni
  • Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Chicken with Noodles
  • Meatloaf with Gravy
  • Penne Pasta with Veggie Sausage Crumbles
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
  • Vegetable Lasagna.

This pack includes the flameless Heater. Sure-Pak Meals contain between 900 to 1,250 calories per meal, depending on the entrée and individual components. A minimum of two meals per person per day is recommended for a 72-hour period.

Alt Information

Brand Name:

Food Storage Features

Time Estimates:
Short Term
Shelf Life:
3-5 Years
  • Foil - MRE
Variety / Type:
  • MRE & Rations
Master Container Count:
Pouch/ Can Count:
MRE Calories Per Meal:
1,000 - 1200
MRE's Per Case:
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Why Buy Calories vs. Servings

How often do you eat the recommended servings on the food that you prepare right now? If you're like me, not very often. So, it goes to reason, if you buy your emergency food storage by the serving, should you ever need it, someone is going on a diet, or you are going to burn through your food preps much quicker than you had anticipated.

Think about this, when you go grocery shopping, do you buy food based on how many servings each product has, or do you buy the amount of food that your family actually eats?

How many calories do you eat each day? The FDA bases all of their nutrition recommendations on a 2000 calorie per day diet. So why do the Survival Food Producers and our competitors offer their pre-packaged food packages based on an average of 1300 calories a day? Simple, it makes the food packages seem less expensive and helps them sell more food packages.

How Does this Work?

If Dad eats 2000 calories a day, Mom eats 1800 and little Susie eats 1400, your family has a daily caloric intake of 5200 calories. If you were to buy a package that is advertised to last "one month", based on serving counts, your family may actually only be protected for ten to fifteen days, unless they eat the "recommended serving sizes" determined by the food producer.

So, if you want to make sure that you and your family is solidly protected for one month, and is eating the same amount of food that they are accustomed to each day, all you need to do is to calculate the family's daily caloric intake with our Calorie Calculator to the left. <<<<

Simply put in the estimated daily caloric intake for each person in the calculator, add the number of days that you would like to be protected, then shop for meal packages that contain the total amount of calories that are needed to feed your family. It's that simple.

Customer Reviews

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5 reviews

AA Simon

04/20/2017, 17:02

This is the fourth time I have ordered SurePak MRE's and I can say that the meals are high-quality, well-packaged, and pretty tasty even considering the fact that they are designed to last a long time. I store these in my disaster kit in my car's trunk (Southern California) so they are exposed to some pretty high temperatures in the summer months. For this reason, I rotate them about every 1 to 1.5 years as this is the manufacturer's recommendation for storage above 100 degrees. I always try a few of the meals that I'm discarding to see how they've held up, and I have never had problems. If I had to eat them passed their expiration, I don't think I'd notice a significant taste or quality difference. The heaters work quite well and more often than not, I have to let the food cool down before I can eat it. Typically, I only eat the main meal items (entree and side dish) as I've found some of the other items included in each packaged meal to be less than appealing (i.e.crackers/bread substitutes). Even without eating every item in the package, my hunger is more than satisfied.
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carrie marlette

03/31/2017, 17:06

Seems ok,,,have not eaten any, delivery was a little slow
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S101 Customer

01/18/2017, 02:04

Good product, sealed and fresh. Would rate higher, but of course UPS is ass, delivered late asf in the night and package was beated to hell. Like it had be dropped and kicked around.
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12/15/2016, 16:03

I'm no stranger to MRE's. After 24 years in the military, I've used them a lot. I purchased a case to supplement my disaster preparedness supplies and found them to be exactly as I expected. These come from one of the same companies that packages MREs under Government contract. Good for short camping trips and emergencies. Just make sure you work up a sweat after eating them because they're loaded with calories (and they're supposed to be)! Throw out the coffee unless you need to be dehydrated.
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M. K

10/26/2016, 08:04

beware if you're watching your sodium intake - massively high in salt.
these are civilian versions, not the military ones.
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