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L-1500 .1.3Kwh Fueless Generator [Twice the Storage of .6Kwh]

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(Battery Unit Only, Panels Sold Separately)

Dimensions - Height -12" Depth -10" width -18"

With the whole package weighing in at under 40 lbs, it’s portable enough to take wherever you want to go. Without any noise, gas or harmful emissions, the Humless L-1500 Solar Powered Generator provides power on demand that is quiet and safe enough to use inside your home, car or even your tent. Capturing power with or using power from your Humless Sentinel couldn’t be easier- just plug it in and switch it on!

With a 10 year battery shelf life and a rating of over 2,500 charges, the Humless Solar Powered Generator L-1500 can be counted on when you need it most. It’s lithium battery-pack that can sit for over a year without needing to be charged (we recommend charging once every 6 months), the Humless L-1500 will store well in your closet and always be ready to power your appliances when you need them most.

  • Internal Lithium Battery Pack: 100A/h (1.3W/h) 2x the Run time of the L-1500 .6kw (50AH) Machine
  • Capacity Cycle Life: 2000 Cycles
  • Minimum Charge Time: 4.0 Hours
  • Charge Retention: 1 Year
  • Integrated Inverter: 120V AC Pure Sine Wave, 1500W Continuous, 2000W Peak (5ms Peak)
  • Integrated Charge Controller: Maximum of 40A charging current from AC and DC circuitry
  • Combined Charge to the internal battery from the AC Charging Circuitry: 25A @ 14.6V DC
  • Max DC output Current: 30A @12V DC
  • Max DC Input Current: 15A @ 12V-50V DC
Emergency backuppower for lights and communication - Off-grid portable power source that can be carried on foot or transported in a car during a natural disaster or emergency - Power source for camping,hunting or outdoor activities, making them safer and more enjoyable - Provides the capacity to power communications, lighting and electronic entertainment devices without hauling or storing gasoline, and no dangerous fumes. Silent operation ensures that its use will not negatively impact others.

CYCLE LIFE: 2,500+ cycles (daily use ~6.8 yrs)
50 Ah (120 Vac) 


Owner's Manual (User-Manual-1500-Series-Web1.pdf, 1,917 Kb) [Download]

Spec Sheet (Humless-1500-Series_Data-Sheet_1-3kWh.pdf, 335 Kb) [Download]