L-1500 |1300w Fueless Generator

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The Lion Energy l-1500 Fuelless Generator a lightweight powerful power generator.

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The Lion Energy L-1500 1.3 (1300w) has twice the energy storage as the .64 and weighs in at just over 38 LBS lbs, it’s portable enough to take wherever you want to go. Without any noise, gas or harmful emissions, the Humless L-1500 Solar Powered Generator provides power on demand that is quiet and safe enough to use inside your home, car or even your tent. Capturing power with or using power from your Lion Energy L-1500 couldn’t be easier- just plug it in and switch it on! Use the Solar Panels to refuel it and us the stored power to run your devices!

With a 10 year battery shelf life and a rating of over 2,500 charges, the Humless Solar Powered Generator L-1500 can be counted on when you need it most. It’s lithium battery-pack that can sit for over a year without needing to be charged (we recommend charging once every 6 months), the Lion Energy L-1500 Generator will store well in your closet and always be ready to power your appliances when you need them most.

Light, Versatile, Powerful for Home, Work and Play. All-in-one, portable power storage for your home, business or recreational needs. UPS capabilities to be truly off-grid with zero installation configuration. Plug and play with long-life (7yr+) expandable battery packs. Integrated solar, wind charge and discharge. Pure sine wave output.

We’re all familiar with plugging appliances into a wall socket and getting power. A Humless power system functions in a similar way. Switch it on, plug an appliance into the socket and you’ll have power for your favourite devices. The heart of our system is an advanced lithium ferrous phosphate battery that has been used for decades in the automotive & telecommunication industry. The system can be charged by solar, wind, hydro or any other form of direct current (DC).

You can also charge our systems using AC (wall socket, shore power, gas/diesel/naural gas generators). All our systems take the power inputs (or the power stored in the battery if needed) and provide it in a form that is easy to use. Take a look at our field test videos for some examples of how our systems are used by customers. Let us know what things you run with Humless!


Two Modes: Pass-Through Mode and Normal Mode

PASS-THROUGH MODE: When the L-1500 is connected to an AC and/or DC source and is still powering another device through the output, the power is passed directly to the device being powered. Using the regular 120V AC input, such as from a wall outlet, the L-1500 allows a maximum of 15A input on the AC side. While in Pass-Through Mode, the display scree will read PA:SS.

NORMAL MODE: The maximum AC input while in normal mode is 12A. The output to the battery from the L-1500 circuitry is charging at 25A at 14.6V. Regardless of how much current is connected, it is safety-limited to 25A total input to the battery from all inputs. The display screen will show a flashing battery symbol showing the percentage charged, as well as the charge time, until it reaches 00:01. At this point, the unit may take up to 20 minutes to balance the charge of the cells for optimal battery performance and overall life. When the unit is completely finishes the charging cycle, the display screen will read FU:LL.


AC: 110V-120V 50-60Hz - Anderson Power Pole: 3 sets of ports, total of 15A limit using 12V-50V DC input


The L-1500 will output 1500W continuously for roughly 15 minutes. The AC output has been limited to 15A. As an added safety feature, the L-1500 AC output will run at 1599W for 5 seconds before decreasing the output to 1500W. Wheat grinders and washing machines require a higher peak for several milliseconds while the device regulates to its operating wattage within the 1500W range. The L-1500 also governs the power output to protect against internal heat build-up that may harm the components and battery.


AC: 110V-220V 50-60Hz; two outlets share a combined total current limit of 1500W, with 2000W peak for less than 5 milliseconds, GFI Protected USB: 4 USB outlets, each capable of 3A at 5V DC, with a shared total current limit of 8A (40W Max Output)
Anderson Power Poles: 2 sets of poles with a total of 20A @ 12V DC shared current limit (240W Max Output)
DC: 12V Cigarette lighter Adapter, capable of 10A output (120W Max Output)


The L-1500 will accept voltages from 12V to 50V at a total of no more than 15A. The L-1500 may be charged with AC input and DC input at the same time with a total of 40A going into the battery. The charge time is estimated at about 2 hours. The L-1500 is equipped with a safety fuse that will cut off any voltage that exceeds the DC 50V limit and will reset once the voltage is within the 12V-50V range. Windmills, solar panels and kinetic energy converters are all excellent DC input sources, provided the voltage range is maintained.

  • Internal Lithium Battery Pack: 100A/h (1.3W/h) 2x the Run time of the L-1500 .6kw (50AH) unit
  • Capacity Cycle Life: 2000 Cycles
  • Minimum Charge Time: 4.0 Hours
  • Charge Retention: 1 Year
  • Integrated Inverter: 120V AC Pure Sine Wave, 1500W Continuous, 2000W Peak (5ms Peak)
  • Integrated Charge Controller: Maximum of 40A charging current from AC and DC circuitry
  • Combined Charge to the internal battery from the AC Charging Circuitry: 25A @ 14.6V DC
  • Max DC output Current: 30A @12V DC
  • Max DC Input Current: 15A @ 12V-50V DC

Owner's Manual (User-Manual-1500-Series-Web1.pdf, 1,917 Kb) [Download]

Spec Sheet (Humless-1500-Series_Data-Sheet_1-3kWh.pdf, 335 Kb) [Download]

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